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  1. hahaha dont tempt me Doopsums! But really though, every time i go into to my hangar and look at my constellation i do spaz out a little bit, i just cant help myself...
  2. What are you all looking forward to with this game? What really stands out for you?
  3. hahaha, and its been more dry down there then up here... but we are struggling with it too, there was apparently to pretty big sinkholes that opened up on a couple streets in SF, pretty crazy how that happens..... Damn Nature you scary...
  4. Couldnt agree with you more Gr4kk, i did some heavy research as well and also found imperium to be the most appealing and organized. Good luck with the test!
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys, i have no doubt that i will be able to find my place in star citizen world, especially with as much as there is available to choose from! @The Red Comet, yessir im up here in norcal, feels good to finally be getting a little rain. You guys been getting any in socal?
  6. Hey everyone, ive been looking forward to this game for a while now and i finally decided to throw some money at it and got myself a constelation andromeda package. I cant wait to fly her! what I'm really excited for is some combat ops with a side of exploration/escort. But whose to say at this point there is so much about this game that im lovin thus far and am eagerly waiting its full release. I wanted to get involved with this game early because i really wanted to explore being part of an organization and being a part of a group as excited for this as i am who are putting in some serious effort to make this a great gaming experience! I always came to late to the party when it came to the mmo's and never really got the full experience, hoping to find that here. Looking forward to working with you all in the future, and on that note im goin to bed, night yall!
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