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  1. Trade Complete. Sold to StarSwarm who met the offer.
  2. Hi looking to sell an Aegis Reclaimer 2 year edition for 300 Dollars. Given the low price I will not be covering the paypal fees. Paypal verified only.
  3. Thete

    New Arrival

    Thanks wyvyrias! Cant wait to leave my contribution!
  4. Thete

    Want to Buy Retaliator LTI // Banu LTI

    Viking i will pm you about that. Im sure we can come to an agreement.
  5. Looking to buy Banu Merchantman and/or a Retaliator. Both LTI. Banu for USD 350.00 Retaliator for USD 370.00 That's around USD 100.00 more than original store price. I am aware they go for more but this is a WTB topic, therefore this is my purchasing price. If you dont have an LTI version pm me an offer. Depending on what offer I get on either I may or may not buy the other one. If you sell me both for a good price I will almost definitely buy them off you. Post below if you have the ship and agree to the price, I will pm you after with a payment method and what day
  6. Hi, further to our pm conversation I had some time to think and opted to not buy your account. Thank you for your time. All Note: Seller was extremely helpful and provided skype details. Seems like a legit sale.
  7. Thete

    New Arrival

    Hello guys. Thetex here, new to the org and old in the RSI community. This is my first experience with an org in Star Citizen and so far it has been quite interesting. Will aim to be dealing with financial elements within the game as well as some diplomacy services, investment strategies and hedging techniques, and possibly tourism. Pleasure to meet you all. Thetex
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