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  1. DominicWarfield

    Supertroopers 2

    Outstanding! Imperium is the first star citizen forum where I didn't have to start this thread. I am thoroughly impressed! Looks like we'll need 3 million to get Farva out now!
  2. DominicWarfield

    Star Citizen SXSW Trailer

    The music is just utterly fantastic Consider my morale unbreakable after that
  3. DominicWarfield

    Happy New Year (2015) from...

    Happy new year from the USA (east coast)!! and Happy new year from all of S.U.N!
  4. DominicWarfield

    Letter from the Chairman: Happy New Year

    Chris Roberts really knows how to rally the troops
  5. DominicWarfield

    In AC 1.0 I learned.....

    I learned Missiles, Missiles, Missiles
  6. DominicWarfield

    Five for the CM 3 - w/Ben Lesnick

    Thanks mate! Some good info here
  7. DominicWarfield

    Ben comments on Star Citizen's development

    It seems Ben but the guy's concerns to rest, which in my book is amazing I'm used to people asking ben for clarification on something getting a great-wall-of-text from ben in return ....And then asking for clarification..again
  8. DominicWarfield

    The future New Corvette

    Doesn't Aegis currently manufacture all UEE capital ships?
  9. DominicWarfield

    Comm-link 01-12-14

    I wouldn't mind having that capital ship systems article to flip through during the weekend Definitely a quiet week at CIG (after they deal with those 1000+ "I want a destroyer please! / why won't you take my money?" tickets) They must really be heads down on the AC v1.0
  10. DominicWarfield

    65 Million

    Exploring the universe from a Jacuzzi with a glass bottom? Hell Yes!
  11. DominicWarfield

    Greetings Imperium! Courage and Honour!

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the warm welcome!
  12. DominicWarfield

    65 Million

    But where do we put the Jacuzzi then?
  13. DominicWarfield

    65 Million

    When I first heard of SC/CIG I was shocked to hear they crowd funded 39 million 26 Million dollars later I'm still shocked, This money train has some serious momentum!
  14. DominicWarfield

    Greetings Imperium! Courage and Honour!

    I can't lie, with Sigs like that I'm tempted! Tannhauser don't judge if your seeing this! Hahahaa But Systems United Navy Is my home Although If it makes you feel any better we are pretty close diplomatically, we'll definitely fly together at some point! Hell, I'll even house sit your Javelin for you when your away! Two house party minimum, scouts honor on that one