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  1. Holy crap!  Its been quite a while since I've been around here last, but I've been seeing a lot of fun stuff from SC!  Really love seeing how active and busy it is here still!!  Woot!

  2. Delightful post! I have an Orion myself, but haven't looked into the details quite yet. I knew there would be specific stations on-board, and your post helped to elaborate on the overall design. I love the idea of the Orion being a means by which the fleet refuels after battles, as a non-primary tool. Very useful! Looking forward to the mining aspect even more now!
  3. Fun topic! Okay, I haven't read every single post, but I wanted to add in a few years of Eve experience. General rules of behavior: pirates are sneaky and cowardly by nature. They are a minority in every universe, and will not survive on a direct confrontation-they know this. That is not a disadvantage either, necessarily... they just have to adapt to the situation and plan accordingly. It is rare that you'll see large fleets of pirates, due to their nature. Eve Online community saw the creation of pirate corps and later on the larger alliances, and while they'd have large number
  4. Great video! I was expecting a lot of this from Eve Online, but they couldn't deliver... not detailed enough. I'm really, really lookin forward to this!!!
  5. Ahhh man!!  Okay... been a long time again, but back again :)  

  6. Hey congratulations! Getting back in to this myself now that I've returned. Crap I feel rusty ><
  7. Yeeeah... I hope we get to see it soon-been waiting for a while hehe
  8. Ahhh now its time to get back into the game!! Goin to be fun catching up!

  9. Primarily I'll be enjoying a good mining session with my fiance Senzaphyne aboard our Orion hehe Doin what I can with our Freelancer and Constellation as well!
  10. Esh... Goonswarm. Locusts and trolls with space ships, no morals and a desire to feast on tears and screams. Lol these guys... friggin GS.... "We are funny Goons because we can piss you off! See, wasn't that fun?" Ugh... its like that *one* retarded uncle at the family party who thinks belligerent put downs are compliments, and punching you in the face is great family fun.
  11. Wow, people have been busy!!! Search through the ISO list ... lots of other sci-fi ships like the Olympic Carrier and "BSG-Colonial One" from Battle Star Galactica. Amazing works! http://www.isoplanetexplorer.com/iso_list.php?input_research=&choice=name&category=all#recherche_iso_go
  12. Finally got through the story far enough to start building the colony..... erm.... wow. Its going to take a long time, but I will be building a fun little colony/city gauged for multiple people. We can select and "save" these structures, and the Help thingy actually tells us to build it in Creative and import it... so I'm guessing it can be produced in multiplayer servers as well (though it should require all the materials). Interesting stuff I'd love ot join a server if ya started one!
  13. Well hey, that could be fun If you do, I'd be interesting in joining; I love creative games like this, and it seems like there is some fun to be had heh. I'm doing the Story mode and also having fun in an Adventure mode now, just seeing what can be done without being directed by the story, and its kinda fun-both ways.
  14. Hey guys! I'm curious to know if any of you know/play about this game. Its still in ALPHA, but it is kinda fun. I love it for the sandbox, and though I haven't gotten very far in the story mode (to get used to how it all works) there seems to be a lot of fun creative potential. There is an option for a multiplayer, too. Now... you start off as colonials goin to a new planet, but get shipwrecked. The fun is building back up and making a colony, but you have easy tech to make it work well for ya. Not a horribly challenging game... is one of those where the fun is in the exploration, ge
  15. Ha-its funny how similar your story is! I've watched friends play some of the Wing Commander games, but never played them myself. I did play Freelancer for a good while, too-and that was a lot of fun! .... I even made a lame video of the server I played on years back haha. That was a great game, and most of the reason I'm here to see RSI's dream Got Rear Admiral too hehe, recently getting the Banu and Orion. Should be a blast! Look me up in game, sounds like it'll be fun My old Freelancer video: (feel free to laugh at it... I do now haha) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7JpKth_
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