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  1. For people who didnt know what i was talking about before, skip through this. Maybe i dont have faith in the online community but i bet this is what itll degrade to haha (there are swears if they hurt your ears :D)
  2. I think i saw that posted ages ago on reddit as well. When they say spectrum will have spatialized voice i hope its of that quality, i remember thinking how good that was last time i saw it
  3. Yeh i was just thinking how cool that would be, guess it depends how well the spatialized voice is. Some games i've played with a lot of people in proxi chat and its just ended up like a big wall of sound in which it was hard to distinguish stuff Edit: i am guessing they will probably have both systems in place, then it just comes down to finding that sweet spot for the drop off range so it feels realistic and practical but you don't cop 5-10 people blasting music through their mikes when walking into cubby blast on arc corp.
  4. Yeh, its not that i dont like the idea of proxi voice and it would probably work quite well in less crowded areas. I just cant see how they could implement it in high population areas for example major landing zones without everyone trying to talk over one another. This is assuming the number of people in an instance mind you. If the max player count in a major landing zone instance was say 20 it probably wouldn't be too bad, but increase that to 100 people or more proxi voice will likely start to get a little crowded. Maybe they can disable proxi voice in these areas? but then we ar
  5. Well i can only speak for myself but i don't go around starting up random conversations in games. Its usually when i'm seeking information, help, or trying to coordinate something. Obviously these interactions can turn into making new friends down the track, but i'd hazard to guess most interactions between players begin with them helping each other in some form for example bumping into one another trying to complete the same mission. I can't think of many situations off the top of my head in which proxi voice couldn't be replaced with a simple invite to voice lobby system. I feel
  6. Yeh as everything just gotta wait and see how its implemented. Mind you i'd settle for no proxi chat as long as there was a quick an easy way to invite nearby players to voice lobbies. Kind of like how hailing other ships for voice communication would work but for player to player interaction as well
  7. Oh god i'm picturing landing zones with proximity voice now. Did they actually ever say they would have proximity voice though? I know they said voice lobbies and spatialized voice but i thought that was in reference to the voice lobbies. I dont know if anyone has played the hunger game style matches in H1Z1 but unless they have some serious constraints on proxi voice landing zones are gonna end up like the waiting room for that game mode hahaha.
  8. I'm wondering how spectrum will affect the portal for imp members? It sounds like they want to build a lot of org features into spectrum (mind you i can't remember all the features spectrum includes). This might mean that some things will be better suited for spectrum than the website. I doubt spectrum would be complex enough for it but if the tools were there to integrate the proposed mission system into spectrum that would be amazing!
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