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  1. As of the q&a held Saturday evening, we don't have a set plan for where we will base. This is due largely in part to the lack of information and the fact that all information is subject to change.
  2. The Connie is so nice now. My phoenix looks so much better.
  3. Revel and York hangar looks fantastic with the new lighting.
  4. All great answers, looks like I'll be joining T&I. I'd assume I'd have to be a more trusted/active org member for my ship to be utilized for C&C as well as Cross Org diplomacy.
  5. What role would a phoenix play in the org when there are so many other ships better suited to C&C?
  6. Feel free to give explanations in the comments. I haven't joined an org yet and I don't know which I'm best suited to join.
  7. I thought after we die, we wake up in a hospital. I can't justify someone agent smithing back into a superhornet after I already blew his ass up.
  8. I would, but I'm driving, Ask one if the other two people who just posted similar things.
  9. This is inaccurate as hell, 23 is the bare minimun crew for the jav, it's fully operational crew size is much larger.
  10. VPN basics. http://computer.howstuffworks.com/vpn.htm
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