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  1. Started flying it with HOTAS which is impossible to do. Switched over to mouse and keyboard and now i have the feeling of getting better and better. Mount 3 x Omniski VI lasers and with only a few hits you can do massive damage. What i really need to focus on is only firing when needed, else you have lots of problems with power management. Also the maneuvering should be top priority. Making long turns so you wont lose speed cause then we are sitting ducks with not much feathers to protect ourselves. Not many problems with dodging missilies though, the flares do wonders. Wait a bit for incoming, launch flare and make small turn + boost. Im starting to like it very much. THough i would love to get my hands on a 350R just for the +80 speed...
  2. Finally bought my Freelancer DUR, no toilet in crew room. Finally i can pee in my shower... ;)

    1. Timziito


      oh you.. I am gonna call

      Workers Union on you!

  3. Going to buy a Freelancer DUR this weekend, so dont feel lonely making your jet sounds in the seat! Welcome to imperium mate!
  4. Going to buy a DUR this anniversary sale. Looks like a cool ship and you can enjoy playing with a friend. Also my first exploration ship and the cargo capacity for rare goods will make me feel a han solo in PU.
  5. Hi all, Yuri aka Harry the Hipster here. Just introducing myself to my future friends (or rivals ). Im an early backer to this promising game. A game i wished for for so long. Currently owner of a 300i but upgrade to 325A and ownership of a F7C in near future. Last week i was finally able to test the arena commander after upgrading my PreCious. Bought a T-flight hotas x and momentarily in full training mode. Hoping to get the star citizen voice pack soon for full immersion. And head tracking would be cool too, or the oculus... Applied to join Empire. Seems a good organized corp and this game will certainly need those. See you around! As final here some tips on visual thinking by Harry the Hipster.
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