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  1. Thinking of picking up a second account when its cheap any idea when the next starter sale might be on

  2. Any idea on the price and release of the argo mole???

  3. When it comes to the whole capable and rugged sort of look I do agree but I think I still prefer the old design a bit more but i'm not gonna complain might change my opinion upon its release. Shame about the delay but that's development for you. Rock climbing I must say would a superb addition not just for exploring but for combat as well. I can totally understand them wanting more exploration based game play before implantation, To be honest if they had implemented already I would probably just use it for cargo runs anyway. Been waiting since 2014 I can wait a little longer Also bring on mor
  4. Is it me or does the Carrack look like its put on weight at the rear. I'm still really looking forward to it, but going by the cinematic I don't remember it being that chunky, Maybe i missed another change from when they changed the placement of the landing gear, when people disagreed with its look.
  5. I look forward to seeing it on the roadmap but maybe they will keep it as a surprise either way I'm just excited to walk it's corridors.
  6. super busy ATM have they mentioned on potential completion or when it might be added to the road
  7. Gotta says it looks superb bout time we saw some serious progress
  8. Wasn't there a better deal for starter packages on last year or the year before that. Wouldn't mind getting another package but I don't think my wallet would forgive me if I brought another ship.
  9. 1 and a bit years later from my last true visit to these forums and i must says at lot has changed all in a good way :). But i cant help be a little worried about the carracks overall design, but i do hope they pull off the look that the backers want. Here's hoping the best ship in the game can live up to the hype.
  10. Mister_Spud

    Anvil Arrow

    Brought one the other day definitely a fun ship to have good bit of power and some good manoeuvrability. On a side note for some reason it keeps bugging out in arena commander where it does not show I own one after a game. I have not been able to use it for a while now. Its in the universe though i think its related to the fact that I rented one before purchase and it might have bugged out. Any ideas?
  11. Well i caved and brought the carrack had to rid myself of a starfarer and sabre to protect the wallet hopefully its worth it.

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    2. Kemalis


      I melted mine for the Idris, wish I still had it.

    3. Kemalis


      I melted mine for the Idris, wish I still had it.


      I also melted the Phoenix for the 600i Exploreration variant since they took off that Point Defense Turret on the back.  I do like the new interior images someone posted, but I like the 600i a lot better than the Connie.

    4. Mister_Spud


      Yeah the 600i does really does look nice idris is a bit out of reach and looks like a bit to big of a job to run than i'm prepared for.

  12. Anymore news out on the new sabre ?

  13. Mister_Spud

    Sabre Raven

    I can't imagine the sabre raven being a skin but i could be wrong variant wise I don't see it being a bomber, I could see an improved stealth version or Electronic warfare variant. When it comes to stealth though its difficult to say as the game mechanics are really there yet to show its potential as a already stealth fighter,
  14. Hello everyone been a whole year since I have last been on how have we all been.

    1. Darius Marx

      Darius Marx

      Sup man it's been a long time 

    2. Mister_Spud


      Indeed it has been busy at work for the last year on a night shift. How about you?

  15. Happy Birthday!

    1. Mister_Spud


      Thankyou I have returned after a year.

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