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  1. I'm moving and need to lighten the amount of stuff to transport. For this reason, I am selling my copy of Jump Point Vol.2 It's a normal, hardcover copy of Jump Point Volume 2 which I purchased when they first came available. The book was leafed through once, and has been in a glass cabinet since arriving. I have had to put it glad warp as I just sold the cabinet. I don't have the original packing but I can shipping it to with all the polystyrene you need. Shot me a PM and we can begin talking.
  2. See you in the verse you wonderful bastard.
  3. No problem will like to see some more teamwork between units
  4. Sorry for the late reply, Yes we did get a prowler. I will check out your topic.
  5. To as much as this is true, exactly how many ships is not info that people need to know, yes. But this is not what I was talking about. Some numbers are good if they are to 50-100 of the real number or more if needed. I fail to see how other players are going to see who owns what and how much their accounts are worth from an info graph. If I was to tell you what ships my unit own, do you know who owns them? no. All you know is 'we' own them, the only info it gives out to other players/members is how much are org is worth.
  6. You may say that now, but I have been doing my homework and I think I got the big ship numbers down to within a 20 of the real number. But enough with that, if "fleet numbers don't matter anyhow" then why has imperium not released the numbers on the ships or some type of percentage graph like we did in the past? If to cover up cap ship numbers why not just release info on the small ships. Info like this in a graphic is the type of stuff that some people join because of. On top of the fact that members like Hiro66 here wish to know what is backing them in-game. It's something to be patriotic about.
  7. If you want an idea of how many ships, imperium owns this was done a bit ago but still good.
  8. Nice, what do people think about this? I can not wait for the marines.
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