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  1. Some people just want to see the world burn
  2. The Unbanned Thread

    Unbanned because you can't ban someone with multiple personalities , they just change to the next one.
  3. Constellation - Variants

  4. I think it's a bit of a falacy to compare cod and SC simply because they are both fps games. SC and Arma might be a better way to go. The other reality is fps combat in the PU isn't likely to be common.
  5. MISC Hull C (Discreet)

    It's conceivable that there will be a connection to the link tube, but that's purely speculation on my part
  6. MISC Hull C (Discreet)

    I don't read the description of the discreet model as you do. I doubt it's about hiding the entire ship, but rather hiding in plain sight by concealing the exact amount, nature, and legality of items being transported.
  7. I was just boxing things in to see if I could maybe try and figure out some sort of a landing brace scheme and did not go beyond the base image. I do not even see how a Hull B will land unless the bottom pods are not used. Even then there almost HAS to be some sort of support for the overhanging cargo to either side. I'd just have an option where the landing gear can extend further out of the ship if there is cargo. Then the spindle can rotate each section one at a time to the lower portion for easy unloading. The stairs/ramp exiting the craft would also need extensions.
  8. Updated Ship Cargo Stats

    Guessed and measured are two words which have very different meanings.
  9. Want to Sell LTI Ships

    All Sold complete, please close
  10. I'd agree, but CIG has talked about shipping your ships between hangers before.
  11. MISC Hull C (Discreet)

    Ugly, but brilliant in its design. The modularity, ease of access to cargo, and efficiency of materials is excellent.
  12. Dude, it's a concept sale - it's going to change. Who cares if it has 6 or 10 or 50. Do you like the general idea or not. If you want specifics wait to buy until later or in the verse. Stop being petty. This is a far better perspective view for understanding how big the Hull-E really is. The other photos don't really show how massive that thing is.
  13. MISC Hull series sale Announced

    CIG has said multiple times that combat ships are more expensive because they tend to be more desirable ships and therefore are allocated to higher pledges.
  14. MISC Hull series sale Announced

    Since the devs have already talked about shipping your ships to other landing sites in the galaxy I'm guessing the ships can be landed and locked in as cargo. If this is true could we not use the Hull D or E as a pocket carrier? It would easily be able to hold resupply resources.
  15. Sandi's Star Citizen Pictures

    6, 1 is boring, 2 is interesting, 3 is cliché, 4 just isn't as good, and 5 is wanna be SAS or any other spec op patch aka cliché.