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  1. I am still here, I will be starting the build of my new P.C. Next week when I receive   the CPU the last component of the build. This fully new build should last me another 10 years like the current one has hope to see y'all soon again in the verse.

    1. GeraldEvans


      Glad to hear it Trooper. It's hard to believe I built this computer five years ago expecting to play retail SC on it.

    2. Sean Thornton

      Sean Thornton

      I had assembled most of the computer  and was going to put the CPU in before I started wiring and when I pulled the safety cover off to drop the CPU in.  I saw that the receptical was damaged and unusable. I had bought insurance which turned to be worthless even though I was still under the warranty period.  I was told too bad so sad. I contacted the seller and told them what I found and their reply was the same since I was past the 90 days. As you know since I am on S.S.D. because of my disabilities. I can only buy the parts I need month by month. So that was over $100.00 I lost so I am now going to purchase a new motherboard in July of course if it is still for sale on Newegg then. I am buying a better board that will give me another 10 years and that will make the most of the Haswell 6 core CPU that is at 3.3 MHz and can be overclocked to 4.0 MHz or a little higher. Soooo until I get my hands on it I am in a holding pattern again and it is going to cost double of what I paid for the bad mobo. Hope to see y'all soon.

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