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  1. Hello guys, As you guys know, I develop voice attack profiles for HCS-VoicePacks. For "reasons" I need your feedback on the current control scheme of the default keybinds currently available in-game. As more features of the game are becoming available and development is going quicker by the month we can expect more changes and additions. e.g. as CIG continue to improve their servers and bring more and more people onto one servers, they might change the QT(B) key to be more reachable to the ship control keys. Personally I'd love to see seperate keys for deploying 'flares & chaffs', 'g-safe & Comstab toggles' and a better way of using the flight modes (pre, scm, cruise) What would you think the optimal keybinds are for flying the ship? Keep in mind, think logical :). In the following spoiler you can find all the 2.4 keybinds. In the following spoiler you'll find an empty keyboard map Feel free to edit the empty one and re-upload it as a comment, simple paint stuff can do the job Thanks in advance !
  2. Hello fellah's We've updated the profiles for voice attack, you can find a changelog and updates here. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/332472/hcs-2-4-profiles-update-status-changelog/p1
  3. I'd like to inform all of you that HCS VoicePacks is officially licensed with CIG & therefore Star Citizen. We currently have 3 packs completely compatible with the game: 'Orion, Vega & Midnight' and working hard on making every pack compatible. The VoicePacks are made up with hundreds, if not thousands of audio files played by famous actors. We Create game-ready Voice Attack profiles for "Elite Dangerous" and "Star Citizen". The profiles will be updates as the game's development progresses in the future. If you decide to buy one of the voicepacks, keep in mind that Voice Attack is required to use it. Also, if you buy a pack for ED or SC you'll get both profiles, if you buy it specifically for SC, go to the correct store page on our website to be sure which pack is compatible with the game yet You can find Voice Attack & HCS Voice Packs at the following websites. https://www.voiceattack.com/ http://hcsvoicepacks.com/ ATV Interview with CIG, Voice Attack Creator & HCS Voice Packs Creator We asked [REDACTED] Member "TheNOOBIFIER1337" to make some demo video's, testing & giving his honest opinion of our packs vids are in the spoilers -Review on Orion (Played by William Shatner AKA Cpt. Kirk - Star Trek) -Demo of VEGA (played by Bent Spiner AKA MR. Data - Star Trek) -Demo of Midnight (Player by Tom Baker AKA "The Doctor" - 4th Incarnation of Doctor Who)
  4. Hello guys, I know I should've done this before hand, but due to the following surprises getting on my path of life, I did not even have the chance to post it. so I'll start at the beginning. the new year started of shit as about mid February a very close friend of mine had passed away and I've trouble recovering from that for a while, basically I got stuck on a couch with a blanket and well ... some might know the drill. A month later I got a deal for my own house so had to work on that besides my 3 shift job, so that took me a while. Some of you might be familiar with my Voice Attack work together with HCS voicepacks, when my house was finished, I had the suprise of starting another project. Basically I had to reforge all the voice attack profiles for something important that I cannot specifically talk about until ... SOON tm. Sooooooo ... yeah ...... that basically sums things up. Also ... Citizencon might be en route for me this year (YAY) ... I'll wear a "Special" T-shirt with my handle on it for everybody to recognize.
  5. Also you guys can find me on uplay under the name of Zhoriaxix
  6. @Trophias As for the guide on skills, talents and perks, there is a full list of them on the wiki. http://thedivision.wikia.com/wiki/Talents U might want to add the original post and add this in, as the 'devision zone' website has incomplete data
  7. hiyaaaaa folks ... it's good to be back =D ... sorry for the inactivity, I've been reading stuff, just couldn't find the time to hop on TS etc. ... bought the devision as well add me in G2 if the guys are okay with it
  8. I want to wish everybody on this forum and in imperium a merry christmas and best wishes for the upcoming year In order to celebrate it all together, post your best meme =D
  9. That's correct @doopsums ... I'm not only using Voice attack, but also programming profiles for it with pre-recorded audio files from various legendary actors that we take into the studio. Been programming it for 2.0 the last couple of weeks and learned some nifty tricks with it. As our voice pack of 'ASTRA' is actually a TTS engine with filters and synthesizers, I might be able to get some extra information in there. Our plans is to make ASTRA our main database and eventually creating a wiki inside of VA with all those files, we already have that sort of thing with the galactipedia, quantum theory's etc. where you can ask 'What is a black-hole' and she will give a detailed report. Unfortunately I do not own the software able to create those files, but I will discuss it with my superior and see if I can bring some magic into it ^^ If you're interested, check it out at http://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/
  10. the 325A already has this system, basically what it lets you do is target missles from rack #1 to 1 target and missiles from rack # 2 to another target and fire them at the same time ... I think it is a system in those racks letting you do that but not sure ... hoping the MIS and Conny can do the same ...
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