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  1. October winds bring November rain.

  2. Drama Queens Suck!

  3. Drama Queens. How many times do you have the hear the same thing over and over again?
  4. Hello Imperium! I took some time off from Star Citizen. It was hard to follow the game when only little pieces were going out at a time. I see missed some new ships sells. Some I wish I didn't! The Hull series looks awesome for making money! I might blackmarket a Hull C with LTI. Exploration only pays when you find great things. I did come back in time to see major drama over the game. Whatever. I hope Imperium didn't lose good members over it. I will looking over the forums here to find out what I missed. ‌@HonestDick
  5. Finding out on what planets we, as players, will be able to place our hangers when the PU opens will be an important decision for our initial occupations. Imperium may choose a few planets to set up it's org markets, then those planets will our centers. From what I gathered, Earth is going to be expensive.
  6. Thank you @Yucie! I like the game concept and that is why I am backing it. I try to keep up with all of the SCB forums posts, when I have time. I am trying to dive into the RSI forums but they can get a bit overwhelming.
  7. I voted for the Third Starter!

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    2. TurboMad


      Well this is clever actually. Third starter low price + LTI = Free LTI for CCU.

    3. HonestDick


      I see that this is a divided issue. I used my vote to better help the game and many people's wallet. We want/need more backers to make this the better game. I think that all of these specialized ships are better left to be acquired in game.

    4. Q2M


      Agreed, there will always be better ships to purchase as the game moves forward. What we need is to continue to expand the community so CIG can continue to make the best game ever!

  8. Thanks for the post @VoA! Any media coverage of Star Citizen is good for the game. New backers are making the game better.
  9. Thanks for adding all this content @VoA! I really enjoy all of the SC fan content.
  10. Thanks for posting the video here in the forums @VoA! Why are you not in the Fleet Media?!
  11. Thanks for the breakdown @VoA and keep up the good work! I caught the tail end of RTV and had to mute it for a phone call.
  12. Thanks for starting this thread @Arcanus! I personally like the title. Think about how many people used the Force at the end of episode 6. Just Luke!
  13. Thanks for the photo @VoA! I voted for the third starter. We need cheaper ships to bring in more backers!
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