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  1. The simplest way to minimize player based piracy (NPC piracy is sort of a mute point since the AI will probably attack on sight regardless) is to avoid presenting yourself as an easy target, avoid drawing attention to yourself and be smart about any actions you decide to take. In the situation where pirates are more organized communication and policing is critical. Pirates are far less likely to operate in zones where players (and possibly NPCs) work together effectively. Secondly, cut off their source of income...never pay a pirate any money, that just encourages them to keep pirating! Even if you take a loss of some sort it will be far easier for you to earn it back then the hoops a pirate will have to jump through. Don't expect to completely avoid player piracy since there will always be players looking for a potential score. Stay on your toes, talk to your buddies and try not to do anything too stupid! And if worst comes to worst eat the cake and go down with the ship!
  2. Great video! Shows how both strategy and equipment will be extremely important.
  3. Wow that artwork is really cool. I love how alien the Vanduul look. It's almost like steampunk meets Tyranids.
  4. This is actually a very general question because if the light fighters are balanced properly, then technically there won't be a "top fighter". Instead there will be a set of ships with advantages and disadvantages...tools we can make use of. Ultimately, it will be up to the player to develop a skill set around the ship. So what I think we'll see is a "top pilot" for each type of craft.
  5. If by "nukes" you mean insta-death weapons I'm not a huge fan of anything like that, but if you mean large scale munitions that sort of an arsenal is always useful to have.
  6. I'm most curious to see any changes to the ship HUDs and how the new weapons play along with any new commercials and playable ships of course!
  7. Hose the asteroid down with a couple pounds of antimatter from the reactor core...that should poof your space rock.
  8. I'd like to see something of this sort too. Since parts of the ship are already destructible (engines, cockpit, etc.) it does seem to make sense that many of those points should be targetable as well, especially if they end up having a large energy signature of some sort. I definitely think that advanced targeting scanners should be able to scan and lock onto weak points for sufficiently powerful weapons, at the very least once shields are down.
  9. Blade


    A combination of the two would be interesting. Star maps for the radioman crew position and HUD navigation for pilots.
  10. I was thinking over the weekend about flight in SC and realized that currently, navigation is pretty much nonexistent, except for very vague visual references. I tried looking around on the RSI forums for anything that might indicate what navigation in the PU would be like, but nothing real noteworthy besides autopilot landing on planets stood out. Has anyone read or seen anything related to this subject from CIG? I put together a deep space nav system if you'd like to check it out. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/4065080 What would you like to see implemented...mini-maps, heading indicators, markers, etc?
  11. I never referenced it as fact. I referenced it as a hint. There are no facts until the ship exists in the PU and even then it is still open to upgrades and nerfs. Welcome to the world of game testing Edit: Also, RSI "pitchfork and torches" threads are bad for general health...might want to take them in moderation
  12. They actually hint that the S5 cannon is getting nerfed to a S2...Travis says it beginning at the 21:50 mark Edit: S5
  13. Sweet! haha Sad that it actually looks more futuristic than the interior of the ISS...even with the ancient PCs
  14. I usually show the PU demo... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-xvCg8CI9U and the ship commercials
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