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  1. Hi i know this is an old thread but is there anyone who has one of the imperium patches have made up a jacket with all my patches on for citcon tomorrow would love to add my orgs to it at some point. :)
  2. Hi people i know this may be a silly question but i can not for the life of me find any info about it. Is it possible if your a backer or not to get a studio tour of foundry 42 ?. I live in wilmslow you see and there studio is a stones throw away i would love to take a tour but no idea how to go about it or if its even possible or if anyone else local would be intrested in this to ?. any help with this would be amazing thanks people
  3. yep looks amazing also has drones too
  4. is that a ship layout on the console left side?
  5. Yep stats on cargo bay and such will be the tell on internal space as said 2 decks will give it allot more room to spend the amount of time needed out in deep space hopefully a bar and entertainment area lol no reason for lack of amenities whilst all the way out there
  6. Ben did state on rtv i think that it is bigger than the Connie now not much but a little
  7. lol nice pic gives a hole new meaning to Christmas is coming
  8. looks amazing really getting itchy fingers to buy this lol
  9. a nice Christmas gift for all the backers would be nice have they done anything for Christmas before?
  10. nice will help to see what all the fuss is about
  11. iam hoping they don't do a redeemer overprice tbh really want the carrack just hoping for a realistic price
  12. Caster


    that looks great
  13. wish i had fund to buy one let alone 6 lol have fun guys
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