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  1. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for that.
  2. Had the opportunity to buy one for that price yesterday but was beaten out by someine else. They're out there, just have to find them.
  3. Looking to buy a Super Hornet with LTI. Will pay $200 no questions asked. Negotiations are open. PM me for offers or questions.
  4. Hey all, I haven't had the time to check up on every thread, but the ones I seem to have looked on all seem to be missing this topic. I have an F7C-S Ghost, and now have the F7A upgrade. However, the question comes down to this: What will happen to the Ghost's stealth once the military upgrade is used? Will the stealth factor be hampered? Or will it remain constant/ be improved? Any and all ideas on this topic would be great. I'd hate to use my upgrade on a Ghost if it's just gonna get me shot down. If I need to get a regular F7C or shoot for the Super, I'd like to know sooner rather than later. -BH14
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