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  1. Selling various ships. With this past anniversary sale I'm starting to get a better idea of how I want my own personal fleet to take form so giving people the chance to grab some of my buybacks. Prices and melt value as well as whether they are concept sales or CCU'd have been listed. Payment can be sent via paypal FROM VERIFIED ACCOUNTS ONLY. Prices include fees. Discount can be provided for f&f, is that even allowed? If it's allowed then it's true lol, if it's not allowed then obviously disregard. I can send pictures of stuff upon request, I'm just honestly too lazy to do it. Orion Concept Sale LTI - Price $400USD - Melt Value $325 Aegis Redeemer Concept Sale LTI - Price $275USD - Melt Value $250 Aegis Redeemer Concept Sale LTI Package - $325 - Melt Value $265 Aegis Vanguard Warden Concept Sale LTI - Price $275USD - Melt Value $250 Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale LTI - Price $135USD - Melt Value $110 Hull C Concept Sale LTI - Price $240USD - Melt Value $200 Banu Defender Concept Sale LTI - Price $210USD - Melt Value $185 Banu Merchantman (24 Months insurance) - Price $300USD - Melt Value $250 Superhornet (6 months insurance) - Price $175USD - Melt Value $165 Model II Arclight Sidearm - Price $15USD - Melt Value $5 I can also CCU to a bunch of ships with either LTI or non-LTI in particular superhornet and sabre as well as some of the others. For the CCUs just message me letting me know what you're looking for and I can let you know 1) if I can do it 2) price 3) the melt value 4) what kind of insurance it would have. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Transaction cancelled. Full amount paid has been refunded to buyer.
  3. Hello, Citizen. might want to check your Inbox

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      Hi, been sick so haven't been online all day. Replied to you once I got a chance to do so. 

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      PM replied.
      Get well soon, citizen.

  4. Selling the following ships. Prices include paypal fees. Must be a verified paypal user to purchase. If you're in Canada as well I can figure out a CAD price and you can pay using EMT if you want to. LTI Redeemer Package - $270USD Concept Sale Archimedes LTI - $30USD Sold Concept Sale Hull C LTI - $200USD Concept Sale Aegis Vanguard LTI - $250USD Concept Sale Orion LTI - $350USD Aegis Redeemer LTI - $250USD Concept Sale Drake Herald LTI - $85USD UEE Environment Coat - $15USD Sold Takuetsu Constellation Phoenix Subscriber Flair - $5USD
  5. Hi all. I'm selling an original concept sale LTI Starfarer Gemini. This is the standalone version that comes with the post + model and was originally offered alongside the ships concept announcement. Selling this for $340USD. Same price as the Gemini is currently being sold for in the store but comes with LTI! Price includes paypal fees. Verified paypal users only. Cheers
  6. Selling a bunch of goodies. All are listed below + the price. If it's still listed it's still available. All prices are in USD and include paypal fees. Buyer must be a verified paypal user. Origin Racing Suit - $20 Redeemer LTI Package - $300 LTI P-72 Archimedes - $60 LTI Starfarer Gemini Concept Sale - $280 LTI Hull C Concept Sale - $240 LTI RSI Orion Concept Sale - $375 LTI Drake Herald Concept Sale - $115 Takuetsu RSI Pheonix Subscriber Model - $7.50 Constellation Phoenix 6 Month Insurance - $425
  7. Price has been reduced to $180USD.
  8. Selling an original concept sale LTI Sabre for $180USD. This is the one that includes the model and poster. Price is inclusive of paypal fees, payment via paypal can ONLY be done from a verified account. If you are Canadian I can accept payment via interac e-transfer (if this isn't allowed please let me know and I'll remove it) and can adjust the price so you are charged in CAD.
  9. Selling Origin Racing Suit for $30USD. Verified paypal only. Once payment is received the gift will be sent to the same email registered with your paypal account.
  10. Malarkey

    Want to Sell Marvel Heroes Account

    Selling or trading Marvel Heroes account. 125$ in RSI credits or $100usd via paypal; verified paypal only. Heroes: Punisher (21), Rocket Racoon (60), Rogue (49), Scarlet Witch (6), Silver Surfer (36), Spider-Man (60), Squirrel Girl (1), Star Lord (28), Storm (60), Taskmaster (10), Thing (1), Thor (30), Venom (24), Wolverine (60), X-23 (23) Team Up: Domino, Drax, Falcon, Gamora, Groot, Holiday Groot, Magik Costumes: Enhanced Superior Spider-Man, Enhanced Gambit Death, Enhanced Rocket Guadians Movie, Enhanced Lady Loki, X-23 Classic, X-23 X-force, Rocket Marvel now, Ms. Marvel Classic, Holiday hulk, emma frost marvel now, IM heartbreaker, punisher modern, black panther vibranium, hulk horseman of apocolypse, human torch modern, invisible woman future foundation, jean grey dark phoenix, juggernaut classic, wolverine days of future past, wolverine x-force, spider-man back in black, black widow fear itself, cable classic x-force, captain america director of shield, collossus marvel now, cyclops 90s, daredevil armored, deadpool ultimate, dr. strange defenders, emma frost white queen, ghost rider modern, hawkeye old man logan, human torch red, taskmaster classic, iron-man guardians, punisher omega effect, human torch classic blue, deadpool x-force, gambit classic, ghost rider original, juggernaut unstopable, magneto classic, mr. fantastic classic, pyslocke classic, rogue 90s, star lord conquest, venom classic, anti-venom, and a few more but I got tired of writing them down haha. Boosts: 4 bounty hunter boxes, 6 achievers brew, 4 experience rush 1 hour, 2 cosmic penta rush 4 hours, 8 triple rush energy bar 1 hour, 13 special item find 1 hour, 13 rarity rush 1 hour, 2 collectors bounty, 2 bounty hunter boost, 89 retcon devices. Too many uniques/artififacts, etc... to list. Some random pets including symbiote spider-ham 676 eternity splinter 21 Unstable Molekules 35 Matrix of Unbinding 402 odin marks 171 cube shards 802 cosmic worldstone 1082 ARMOR research drive 1343 SHIELD omega access file Lots of stashes This was my main account, it was not bought from someone else.
  11. Updated post with new ships.
  12. I have an LTI Redeemer package I can sell you but this is going to come in way ahead of your 140 USD budget as the Redeemer by itself is already $250USD. Let me know if you're interested via PM. It's tough nowadays to find packages with LTI.
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