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  1. yep plus if the are tanks or such the TAURUS can carry them to be use to provide support as the second wave as others say using smaller ships like the redeemer to clear a hot zone but then to bring in heavy weapons and support as booster said.
  2. Those missiles look sweet, the size 4 & 5 looks like the can fire and track targets from a far, but they sizes are meant for bigger and larger ships.
  3. Welcome to the base.
  4. Bienvenue sur Imperium!
  5. Fordo

    Hello M8

    Welcome to Imperium.
  6. I also get both because they two different ships.
  7. Fordo

    avenger variants

    I would like to see that as well.
  8. True but keep in mind that if something is in those small that we may need or something taken from us that is in a smaller ship it will good that we learn to board these smaller ship it can give us an edge in combat (ex able to take out enemy support and logistics ships even taking over one.)
  9. This is a great idea! Yeah as some say we troopers in our ship that's mainly for defense against enemy boarding party however, it will be great to have a dedicated trooper division force for offensive operation against enemy (Capital) ships, space station, and planetary installation. I believe this will greatly improve Imperium combat operations and open new strategy as well. On the plus side there will be ship to support this such as the gunships (redeemer) and other assault ship thats in the making. I see people in the RSI forums who focus mainly in the FPS in SC. There is a expectation with this hopefully it will be met at this pax in Australia.
  10. I will start off at Border patrol escort/support then move to the front lines with my fighter/bomber skills finally if i make it in the commanding ranks i will do leadership and command my own fleet with a battle as it flagship.
  11. I see two possible load-outs for the marine 1) close range with shotguns flash or stun grenades equip w/ heavy armor. 2) assault rifles frag grenades with medium armor. one can use for smaller ships other for larger ships.
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