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  1. Do know if you play this game the fair way (no cheats) it will takes you many many months to get the good stuff build/setup. Enjoy the X-series.
  2. I think you really should have added the X-series to this poll
  3. I am waiting for X-Rebirth.... i hope it comes soon in 2013. Played X2, X3, X3TC
  4. Thanks alot. I did save it as PNG but that stupid paint in W7 made the white background .... guess i should have used a better tool for it.
  5. I guess you have to play the X-series You will get 100's of wingman's ... jump in with carrier and launch your fighters.
  6. Looking nice... can't wait for more art.
  7. OK, I made the signature... now i just need to spam abit more so i can use it. Thanks for the effort and time to make it Regards, Apocalypse
  8. Ok, thanks all for the responses. Atm i am only reading up on the forum and not really signing up with any guild thats out there yet. Regards, Apocalypse
  9. Ok, that would be cool. Seeing the replies I didn't know this fansite/forum was connected to Imperium guild Regards, Apocalypse
  10. Hiya all, Might have missed it on the forum, but where can i make a nice SC signature for the forum. I tried some google searches but didn't really find anything. Thanks in advance. Regards. Apocalypse
  11. Yup nice way to do it, also glad i noticed the pledge in time Regards, Apocalypse
  12. Welcome onboard...... and await how SC develops comming years. Regards, Apocalypse
  13. Hiya all, I am a player from the old days where PC games ment something and alot of things where tough to do. These days the games hold your hand and guide you to the end. I played all WC's , Privateer 1 + 2, Freelancer and many more. The space sims are a rear game so i went to the X-series X2, X3 and now i am waiting for X-Rebirth. I started my pledge for a 300i spacecraft, but after seeing the looks of the Constellation craft i had to adjust my pledge to rear Admiral. Lets all hope we get what we expect... but i think we will get that for sure. Only bad thing is we have to wait for the final results for 2 years. But atleast we get to play and test the alpha and beta fases. Regards all. PS: PC gaming is the way to go.....
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