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  1. Rakos

    Anvil Terrapin

    The spirit of the ship is support exploration. I do agree it IS a bit expensive, so if you don't like it don't get it. There ARE other ships that can perform each role it can at a lower price point, but not all of them together. I do have to say, a support ship, you shouldn't be wandering off alone without an escape plan. The most interesting role (to me), combat extraction, is also the most unexplained. The description says ground fire, but I just don't see most people focusing on planetside operations in a space sim game. So, the most likely scenario for S&R, multiple ships engaged, you jump in, grab survivors and retreat under fire. The retrieval process is muddled at best. I'm hoping your shields extend a bit further than normal, but its all up to speculation. I get that this one will be tricky, but we'll see what happens. I'm assuming CIG won't just run into a hurdle, stop and give up. Another, less safe use would have to be bait. Slow, clumsy and maybe filled with valuable data, in the middle of an asteroid field. Maybe some N/PC pirates take a shot at you, maybe you have some friends/NPC's powered down nearby. I think that's an exciting prospect. All of its described and theoretical uses intrigue me, so a Cutlass for S&R, a DUR for exploring and any other ship for C&C is obviously way past the $195 mark. You're getting a jack of all trades here. A handyman. To put it plainly, the Terrapin's description is enough for me, with a "hard hitting array of weapons" and "extensive shield systems and armor layers". I've seen CIG fix obvious problems with ships before and flesh out their intended design, this most likely won't be the first neglected ship and if it is, there's always a melt button. Remember, pledge for the spirit, not the specs.
  2. I feel like i need to mention that this takes place almost a millennium in the future. I mean, that's as far forward as Macbeth is back in time. I would certainly hope fiber optics, led and some other, better, materials, will have overtaken our outdated stock. A shirt that emits light in contrast to its surroundings would be ideal on a flight deck.
  3. Rakos

    MISC Endeavor

    I can't speak for @Chimaera, but if someone just tried to blow me up and then, in their infinite wisdom, actually spawns on my ship, they're getting escorted to the nearest airlock, if not shot dead immediately upon resurrection. Also, I'm assuming you can lock doors, so, it would be kind of hard for a nude pirate to do much of anything except beg for mercy. A cool feature would be if anyone who has attacked you or yours in the last, say 24 hours, can't use your stuff.
  4. Collision-less magneto hydrodynamics....lmfao
  5. At this point, larger numbers makes very little difference, with instancing limitations and player coordination. I can't imagine most of you haven't played Planetside or EVE, so you know moving more than 200 players anywhere with any kind of expediency is damn near impossible. Obtaining our objectives is what matters and the title of "best" org is going to come down to how many hardcore players you have, how well they take orders and bounce back from defeat. I doubt we're going to have much competition there, its a little arrogant to say, but i don't care. Not that it matters much, because most of these other orgs will be "friendly", as to say, not pirates. Also, can you see how many Main members of an org, have affiliate orgs as well? Or did i just miss it on that reddit page?
  6. Rakos

    Pokemon GO!

    I tried that a few years ago, making polygons was pretty boring. I don't think catching pokemon will be any more fun, but some will.
  7. Rakos

    F8 Lightning

    Salvaging a derelict ship, if its anything like it is in real life, is not going to be an easy task. You're basically building the thing on your own. The fact that the military deems it not worth their time, should imply the amount of work involved. All of the components will be fried, the guns melted and hull fractured. Now factoring in that there will be only a few of these and persistent in the universe, i cant imagine anyone having one of these in the first few months, or at least holding onto it for very long.
  8. Rakos

    F8 Lightning

    I hope not. The other ships are stripped of anything military before a civilian can own it. I can't imagine the UEE wants any number of these, that obviously go toe to toe with theirs, falling into the wrong hands. Stealing one or buying a civilian version is more than possible, buying or earning a military version i imagine is almost out of the question. They have said it will be military only, for at least awhile, but i guess you never know. I've always hoped there are "faction points", that let you perform at least non-combat missions for the military. I.e. test piloting these ships you couldn't normally own.
  9. jesus, thank you. i've been super busy as of late and would not have seen this! 216 left as of now, btw
  10. Meh, its not going to be ship vs ship. Its going to be crew vs crew. Most encounters will reward the better crew. 1 guy controlling 8 super hornets though, that will have to be addressed. I would suppose it will be harder than multiboxing in a regular mmo (aiming in a 3d enviornment, compensating for EWar, etc.), but if internet gaming has taught me anything, its that someone is going figure out how to make it work and will be a problem at some point. Hopefully it doesnt make it to release.
  11. Times could be off, they didn't seem to sure, but i'll finally get to watch something as i usually work second shift hours during the week.
  12. The correct answer to what ships are best to escort the Carrack? More Carracks of course.
  13. few pictures in the carrack game, but this one is the most interesting So, wonder what the Pisces will look like and Ursa rover confirmed?
  14. If the C. Olivia means Chris Olivia made this, this might not even represent its full size. I wonder when they knew it was going to be 110 meters. Either way, if there was any part of me that didn't want to buy it, its gone now.
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