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  1. kennyc

    Peripherals for Star Citizen

    anyone use the CH flight yoke to fly the tanker? would be fitting wouldnt it?
  2. kennyc

    Fuck the Pol... EA

    what a sad demise if origin... my fav game company...we build worlds......no more.... until now . lets hope that Chris can pull this off... 2 years... we will see.
  3. kennyc

    How Much Did You Spend?

    yeah that is what is stopping me from getting any add-ons, no life insurance
  4. kennyc

    Starfarer Tanker: The Ultimate Trade Ship

    hmmm i am also thinking of the same... star farer or constallation.. problem being that i have not as much time to play so may be a independent trader.
  5. Hi Guys, I am still pretty new to the star citizen and as such if this question is covered do apologize. I am thinking whether it would be a possible for somebody else to fly your 2nd ship when needed or do they need another account? Ideas? Thanks