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  1. Sold to suppe86. You can close this topic, I hope to see you guys when I will have some free time and when this game will be more finished. Good flight!
  2. Hello. I`m starting to say that I loved this game, from 2014 when I was in USA and I bought my Hotas Warthog and soon after some custom rudders from Europe. But that was then and now is now. My kid was born in 2017 and I love him much more then SR and I simply don`t have the time or the money to keep this game and I have to sell the whole account because I can`t invest in it anymore to make bound items tradable. I have the following items in it: 31500UEC 150USD Main Package - Advanced Hunter - LTI - Avenger Stalker and 8 items $75.00 USD "Starting Money: 2,000 UEC Li
  3. If is not so popular on SCB then it’s not worth the headache. And the ad thing is sad really.
  4. Nice i can’t wait to see it in game. I hope they won’t fuck it up like vanguard.
  5. Lol that wing made me choose M50 too. But just in case I have a ccu from M50 to 350R IF they will make it more beautifull. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Codryn

    Ongoing Discussion Intel "Kaby Lake" CPU Reviews Are Out

    Lol guys never use razor blades or whatever to delid your cpus if you don't want to destroy them. You can use Delid-Die-Mate 2, Rockit Delid Tool or custom 3D printed tool for 100% success rate. For TIM I used Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. One other nice thing was that before delidding temp from every core was crazy like 58,62,65,69 but after delidding all temps where at 47 equal. Edit: I thought that when mb detects a dedicate video card will disable igpu from cpu so there is not extra heat. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Codryn

    Ongoing Discussion Intel "Kaby Lake" CPU Reviews Are Out

    For only 100mhz of base clock and no integrated gpu 7700k is way better. When your nvidia gpu dies believe me that you will regret not having a integrated gpu like I did before upgrading to new 7700k. Anyway I have delided my 7700k, replace tim with liquid metal and now I have OC'ed to 5GHz with a temp of max 54C with realbench. At default boost clock of 4.5GHz I ended from 69C to 47C. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Codryn

    Complete Credits sale

    Didn`t know that I could do that lol. Thank you for telling me that. edit: topic no longer active, I have changed my mind. I love too much this game :))
  9. Codryn

    Complete Credits sale

    Post edited, account not for sale anymore just the credits.
  10. Codryn

    Complete Credits sale

    I want to sell 895$ store credits for 690$, transaction made with PayPal only, buyer takes on paypal fees.
  11. Maybe malware installed inside? Don't login with that laptop or full format if you want to use it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. I was in SUA for holiday and I was searching for a warthog hotas and I was surfing web for reviews. On many sites I saw that some ppl wanted this joystick for star citizen. Wtf is this star citizen?...search...search...and bang every day for a month I learned everything about it. (September 2014) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Being from Romania sucks... I want to buy oculus but my country is not on the shipping list
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