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  1. Your enthusiasm is misplaced One a serious note, it might be cheaper to get a better motherboard with onboard graphics... hardware upgrade, with no waste!
  2. My reasonable argument is that the 950 is way overkill for that use. In fact, have you tried plugging it into your motherboard's onboard graphics?
  3. @Cypher7 @Morkulth @Spiteful @StratoCrewzr @Techdude : your turn!
  4. KILL good You Vuudal hunter? I hope this is a joke...
  5. Traded in my entire fleet for a Transport Combo. Upgraded my Hull A, B, and C for the Super Hornet, Starfarer, and Merchantman respectively. Now comes the hard choices... Keep the Phoenix or make it a Hull D? Make the Hull D a Crucible or Reclaimer? My fleet is otherwise complete!
  6. All gone to good homes! Happy SC Anniversary to all!
  7. Only one left! Thanks all for the fast and smooth trades!
  8. Don't settle for 3 Year Insurance this Anniversary Sale. Trust in Lifetime Insurance with the Hull A LTI! With the Anniversary Sale approaching, now is the perfect time to insure your dream ship(s) for life. The Hull A can be transformed into any ship over $60, including the new Avenger Variants and old favorites like the Hornet. Perfect for combat pilots and captains who have large fleets, fly forever knowing your ships are safe from destruction! Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD Hull A LTI - $79 SOLD H
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