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  1. @Devil Khan Aegis Eclipse is another from the leak
  2. The following comment from CIG Rep sounds interesting. Guess we'll hear something during these 2 Q&As, but if they ignore answering the ability to get rid of the second pilot, I'd be disappointed. http://m.imgur.com/2EBDjsx?r
  3. How is a heavy fighter selling for $175 vs medium SH at 180???? looks sexy but it's totally dependent on that manned gunner. I was really hoping for a VG replacement
  4. CIG Disco Lando DiscoLando-CIG There is no Hoplite Q&A. That was a post made in error by a staff member outside the Community Team that was trying to help while I was on vacation. Sorry!
  5. Because they are traveling at Ludicrous Speed
  6. Yeah... I totally took advantage since I got a little extra money yesterday and took advantage. Got a Orion to Carrack CCU, because I have a Carrack to Reclaimer CCU in my hangar. (My endless debate between the Reclaimer and Orioin continues). But on topic.... The Carrack is still available for anyone that missed it.
  7. As long as people understand it's a FREIGHTER and not Optimus Prime. It should defend enough to evade or wait for backup to arrive not win. Gladiator is a bomber so it SHOULD be able to destroy it. And hopefully there's no rule on having a pirate skin paint job. Piracy look and piracy act are two different things
  8. Exact same as original with a fancy paint job
  9. @GeraldEvans @Fintz and I completed the Pirate Swarm an hour ago. It is NOT a skin. It's an actual "new (not new)" ship available for purchase once complete with wave 18. Like @Danakar Endeel said 4 posts up. New money ONLY.
  10. OMG...... so.... I have no intent of keeping my Caterpillar, BUT.... I am a little salty that after you beat Pirate Swarm, you get the option to BUY a whole NEW pirate paint schemed Caterpillar and NOT just a $5 skin. Kinda BS in my opinion.
  11. What's the loss here from Warden to Hoplite?? So for $25 less, You go from S3 missiles to S2 and you loose the escape coffin..... correct??? Wonder if the Redeemer will compete or be the "next tier up" to the Hoplite?
  12. Magus What GeraldEvans said IS ... or SHOULD be correct. My personal issue with the VG is: 1.the boxy redesign of the hour glass figure nacelles from concept art. As I understand it, it was to reduce poly count. 2.the interior is NOTHING like concept because for simplicity they just copied pieces from the Tali and Saber. 3.use of interior space. The ship is as big as a freelancer yet areas like the ramp is volumes of potential. The area walking up to the cockpit is again, to me, wasted space. 4.concept for hard points underneath the nacelles, and missiles in shoulders were just completely passed over.... NOPE..... Not the concept at all Look, I'll stop. Again, not what I paid as a concept so I went BMM. Will the VG fill its role as long range fighter. ABSOLUTELY. MY issue is cosmetic and missing original ideas. Lovely thing about this game is the variety of ships, careers, etc... So please..... GET THE SHIP because it fills a mission/career/game play you wish to pursue or get it for looks. But if either of those come to question, make a decision you can sleep with. 😊 Good luck bro
  13. Hey Magus..... I'd hate to dump my dislike for the Vanguard on you prior to it's expected balance passes, but a lot of anger doesn't just focus on current capabilities, but the departure of the concept. Plenty of threads for you to read. I am sure it will be balanced for its intended purpose, but it'll never look like it's concept so I melted mine. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/categories/vanguard-series-discussion-group Hope it helps, good or bad. You'll have to judge yourself of course. Good luck
  14. Well damn. These ideals don't bold well for "affordability." If they make is Connie size (very likely) and go with luxurious passenger vehicle (hinted at), than pricing will fall between 300-400 Excited non the less. After seeing Drake redesign their line and Origin being next, this should be exciting. Definitely the 2017 ship I am looking forward to seeing.
  15. Well.... Forgive me if you're not ready for yet another ship thread, but I enjoy chatting on the base about this stuff vs the RSI forums which can get nasty . What do you guys think the Origin 600's role will be?? We're missing tons of mid tier career ships, and all I know thus far 1. from Ben is that it's suppose to be like the Jupiter from Lost in Space..... And.....2. From the commercial below, is that it's a multi crew Origin for 2017. Origin = classy, but I can't imagine another explorer, ....and between the Phoenix, Starliner, and 890....... The fancy people mover ships are already addressed at ~60m, 85m, 123m size.