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  1. RSI - Aquila (Constellation)

    I wonder why they would raise the price of the Aquila when it’s Flight ready since they didn’t raise the price of the Andromeda? Hopefully 3.0 is after the anniversary sale so I can attempt a $0 CCU to the Eclipse.
  2. Sabre Raven

    Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks when CIG deliberates between LTI or 2 months insurance. I didn’t know it also came with as a game package. According to pcgamer, “As for the Sabre Raven, RSI said that the exclusive codes with Optane drives include a lifetime insurance policy, so if in the future your SabreRaven gets hijacked and stolen, you won't need to worry.” http://www.pcgamer.com/star-citizen-sabre-raven-exclusively-available-with-intels-new-optane-900p-ssds/
  3. Big Ass Donut

    Welcome.... Don't let Donut boss you around. Tell him you're the Biggest Donut of them all. LMAO
  4. Sabre Raven

    I found this interesting. Will definitely get some push back.
  5. Origin 600 Thread

    No no....I've learned my lesson. I just melted a CCU from the Gemini to Carrack and applied credit. I won't apply the 600 ccu until we get more updates. If things go bad, I'll BuyBack that $10 CCU😉
  6. Origin 600 Thread

    Lololol. I hate you Turbulent 😝 Keeping the ccu option available one more day made me take it as a sign, I was meant to get this highly debated ship. Lololol. Well, at least it wasn't new money, but sadly my the Carrack and Nox have parted to the melt grave. Hope this "Lamborghini" works out. 😜
  7. Origin 600 Thread

    Damn it!!!! I really wanted to buy this thing and I was hoping the Q&A would sell me .... but..... already having an 890 with a crew of 5, this ship is now redundant. 🙁 Well, it'll be nice to look at in someone else's hangar
  8. Origin 600 Thread

    Damn IT!!!... I am going to read it again..... Didn't answer my question. Is the Range the same as the Carrack? (it says the carrack can stay out longer-time) Are the scanning sensors like the Carrack or are they the same sensors like on a DUR, 315P, Terrapin? AHHHHH..... Why can't they just be straight forward. It's what everyone wants to know. OR JUST SAY we don't know!!!!!
  9. Origin 600 Thread

    Sorry I can't update the original post with all the 600 information. On the road with no laptop for 5 days. Anyone with admin access, please feel free to edit. OMG, Super sexy ship!!!!! Perfect size (for me), small crew, ground vehicle and exploration to boot. HOWEVER, I was really hoping for an equal to the Carrack with a smaller profile and a luxury tax. This is an expensive Aquila that's outperformed by the Carrack. Guess I'll wait to see what the Q&A says about this "exploration module."
  10. Origin 600 Thread

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DHyEUuJUMAAWM9j.jpg:large Sweet!!! I see some Phoenix drivers making a CCU in the near future.
  11. Happy Birthday Nova!!!!

  12. RSI Orion

    I know CR said Orion was to only mine in space..... but that was 3-4 yrs ago. A lot has changed. Heck.... they even took down some of the pictures of the Orion from the ship page. My guess, it's going to get modified some how to allow for planet side mining. Consider that the Reclaimer can now land planetside!! I think ever since their planet generator became sooooo detailed, the whole game in general has taken a different direction. Maybe not different, but a tangent where space isn't the "focus," as much as it is the medium between which we travel. It exist and it will be prominent, but not as dominate as moon, planet exploration/missions game play. So back on topic. I have a feeling the Orion will be able to land planetside and be used to mine there as well.
  13. Soooooo.... from the Gamestar Magazine it looks like at game release we will no longer get 100 systems to go crazy with. It's been downsized to 5-10 systems. I hate that I have to find this stuff on Reddit and not heard from the company that's in open development. https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/6nc6j6/gamestar_the_technique_behind_star_citizen/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=timestamp&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=70aee1c30aed4f929696aab30cfe8673&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=6nc6j6

    but how will I go #2?! Foldiers coffee can it is. Lol