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  1. SOB..... I was flying and missed the glitch!!!!! @GeraldEvans I blame you for not getting hold of ATC and giving me a heads up!! 😝 Sorry in advance for those that get their accounts reset to before the glitch. OP... love the look of the Eclipse. I was totally expecting something larger and not another bomber. Sadly I can't CCU from the Tali.
  2. So for conversation sake NOT argument..... the grey market came to be because CIG hyped/glorified LTI and they limit the sale of ships to fit their marketing needs. (In their words, "balance"). It's a game in the making/development so when people pay $xxx for a digital gift (pledge/support/whatever), the customer expects delivery on a promised/conceptual believe. What I am getting at is CCU (as a courtesy) and melting, exist because we change our minds due to changes in the game. .....So cause and effect..... I am not the developer just a backer. If CIG changes how it does business, it's on them. I can either choose to "donate," or stop or ask for a refund. I just hope all this back and forth ridiculousnes with their marketing gets managed a little better, to prevent the mob (some one million plus backers) from calling bullshit on them consistently. --- rant over ---
  3. Well... Looks like they heard the complaining and dropped the inevitable hammer. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/spaceship-prices/175177
  4. So I am trying to understand this just so I am clear. If I have a $275 Aquilla .... can I ccu to the Aegis spy plane for free or .... do I have to pay $5 to ccu into the same price ship or.... i can only ccu for a $270 ship + the new inflation $5 ???????
  5. Never knew the VG was allowed to land on the Idris. The Jav I knew about but I thought they were only allowing "small" landing pads on the Idris.
  6. Don't bash me.... I had a probably rhetorical question. It's similar in size to the Saber, so is it safe to say it can land in the Idris? (I am sure we'll get an answer this week but the Q&A don't always cover he simple inquiries.). PS.... I personally like this idea to solve the visibility conundrum
  7. Fortunate for us who've been in the know and early backers. Mark my words... The Orion is next on that price hike
  8. I thought the BMM went up $50. So that should have gone up from $250 to $300. ///// However, on the ship upgrade when you scroll down to the BMM it's listed as $350 ( which to be honest is were I thought it'd be ). Typo on turbulent's part or the announcement of the price increase???
  9. @Devil Khan Aegis Eclipse is another from the leak
  10. The following comment from CIG Rep sounds interesting. Guess we'll hear something during these 2 Q&As, but if they ignore answering the ability to get rid of the second pilot, I'd be disappointed. http://m.imgur.com/2EBDjsx?r
  11. How is a heavy fighter selling for $175 vs medium SH at 180???? looks sexy but it's totally dependent on that manned gunner. I was really hoping for a VG replacement
  12. CIG Disco Lando DiscoLando-CIG There is no Hoplite Q&A. That was a post made in error by a staff member outside the Community Team that was trying to help while I was on vacation. Sorry!
  13. Because they are traveling at Ludicrous Speed
  14. Yeah... I totally took advantage since I got a little extra money yesterday and took advantage. Got a Orion to Carrack CCU, because I have a Carrack to Reclaimer CCU in my hangar. (My endless debate between the Reclaimer and Orioin continues). But on topic.... The Carrack is still available for anyone that missed it.
  15. As long as people understand it's a FREIGHTER and not Optimus Prime. It should defend enough to evade or wait for backup to arrive not win. Gladiator is a bomber so it SHOULD be able to destroy it. And hopefully there's no rule on having a pirate skin paint job. Piracy look and piracy act are two different things