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  1. JediKel


    I am glad they kept the 4 engines on the MAX. Sadly, no view improvement
  2. JediKel

    New Medical Ship

    So a new medical ship will be announced this Friday 20July !!!! (Per Dev show yesterday). Any ideas, guesses, fun ideas of size, price, manufacturer?? Since we already have the Drake Red, I am going to call that our entry level medical profession ship. The Hope being our end level Hospital. I am going to guess: Manufacture: Anvil- That way they can use the new design language being utilized on the Carrack. Plus, tanky like the Terrapin Size: 80-90 meters Price: $300 Used the Starfarer price point since Red is 120 and I believe Hope price will increase Your turn........ EDIT: Just saw @VoA beat me to it lolol DAMN YOU EFFICIENT MONSTER LOLOL Oh well, this is more of a second string version
  3. JediKel


    OMG PEOPLE !!!!!! Little late getting this out, but looks like the Black is getting a potty!!!! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65294/thread/live-example-of-why-that-stupid-strut-on-the-cutla/1317621
  4. JediKel

    Avenger - New WIP Pics

    🤭😥🤗 Perfect
  5. JediKel

    Hello Everyone

    Hi 😊
  6. JediKel

    new applicant Hey all o/

    Welcome!!!! Maybe I can get a drink with you on he 600. Lololol.
  7. JediKel


    Hahahha Shortround. I still call my brother by that name. You just dated yourself. Hahahahaha. Welcome. Enjoy the forum, check in TS. There’s always someone out there usually playing. Fly with you soon. Congrats on the baby.
  8. JediKel

    F8 Lightning

    Doesn’t the Banu Defender light fighter have beds?....... YEP. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15862-Banu-Defender So I am not completely crazy in “pretend” asking for the bed mechanic. But again, it was a thought for conversation not a petition to add it. 😊. End of the day it doesn’t matter..... I have to invest another 20k or beat the SQ42 and try to buy it in game. 🙁
  9. JediKel

    MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    Wow. I am really enjoying the mining. I started using a second joystick for all the mining and scanning options. I find it way more comfortable using the “throttle slider” on the joystick to control the beam intensity vs the mouse wheel.
  10. JediKel

    F8 Lightning

    hahahahah…… ok ok ok...… let me repeat...… I AGREE with Devil. It's a heavy fighter! That is NOT in question and I am not miffed that it's anything otherwise. In this thread we can talk about all things F8. I merely stated that, wouldn't it be "NICE IF." It was a hypothetical comment/dream not a factual statement.
  11. JediKel

    F8 Lightning

    lolololol @Devil Khan, you make me laugh sometimes. I feel like every post you make is to counter everyone else's post. I've been following the development since 2012. I know The F8 is a fighter. I know the lore that it won the "bid" for the next gen fighter to replace the Hornet. I know that the Saber lost the contract to the F8 because the navy wanted more of a tanky ship. I will preface future post with a "wouldn't it be cool, nice, novel idea." /// The physical central dimensions are larger than or equal to the Avenger, Vanguard, Terrapin, Prospector, Vulture, list goes on of ships with an internal bed. I was MERELY saying, wouldn't it be cool.... if they filled the internal volume with something on par with the Avenger's simple bed mechanic for logging out. Doesn't have to be a long range fighter. Just a fighter with the added logging out mechanic. PLEASE note I am not trying to sound condescending or argumentative.
  12. JediKel

    F8 Lightning

    I said no new money, but I would ABSOLUTELY throw money at them for this. // Center looks big enough to support a bed for log out. A nice VG competitor.
  13. JediKel


    Imagine...... (I know it won’t happen...just let me believe)..... removing the manned turret. Make it a remote turret for the co-Pilot. Replace the removed manned turret - seat/elevator for a shower/toilet combo. 😊. Now I can shower or go number 2 before getting in my bed and logging out.
  14. On the topic of the Eclipse. Funny enough I melted my Aquila CCU and made a CCU to the Eclipse with the assumption from CIG at concept sale that it would be valued at $325 at release. Both ships were 275. Just my luck, the Eclipse only goes up to 300 and the Aquila 310 ☹️. That’s what I get for playing the CCU game. Lololol Devil.... I KNOW the Hull C has been 250 for quiet some time. I was merely thanking Grizz for updating his spreadsheet on page 1 and also hinting that he missed the edit on the Hull C price.
  15. Hurricane did go up from 175 to 195. Thanks Grizz. Surprised the Cutlass and Avenger series didn’t also go up. I a, guessing they’ll sneak those increases like the Aquila later down the road to prevent “ship ccu discounts.” 😝 PS. Hull C is up to $250 and Prospector is permanently for sale.