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  1. JediKel


    You can still get a Hornet Tracker to MISC MAX ccu for $0. Put some in your hangar MEOW!!!! on the upgrade page it will show the MAX as $150 but keep clicking and you’ll see it’s a $0 CCU you can also do the Hornet Ghost to the DUR for $0 CCU before the 10$ hike. I hope ole somebody is takin advantage of this and not just me.
  2. JediKel

    Origin 600 Thread

    PSA. 600i Touring is going up $35. So if you wanted one and it’s in your buy back, nows the time.
  3. JediKel


    PSA. PRICES GOING UP $10 on Freelancers. Do with that tid bit of knowledge what you wish. 😊
  4. JediKel


    Hey guys! All of the Freelancer cargo numbers here. Each Freelancer has the middle airlock area with the same cargo space in each. The rest is just the end cargo area. Base: 66 DUR: 36 MIS: 36 MAX. 120 MAX .. Omnisky IX .. turret .. DR Model-XJ2 MIS .. Mantis GT-220 .. turret .. Sawbucks DUR .. Attrition-3 .. turret .. Dominice-2 Variant SCM TOP Base 205 1005 Max 210 1005 Dur 205 1100 MIS 205 1035 All the variants took between 32 and 36 seconds from scm to top speed. All variants (as with most all medium ships) have a Quantium tank of 2500. The Dur has a Tank of 5000. Both the Aquila and the 600i have a tank of 3000. MIS missile loader now has S3 missiles instead of S2 that was in the Brochure.
  5. JediKel

    Origin 600 Thread

    This VIEW!!! This is why I am keeping the 600Ex over the Carrack. EDIT: Oh damn... I should have just done screen captures instead of pictures with my phone. lolololol It was LATE!!! You get the point.
  6. JediKel

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    Really... I thought the HH was probably one of the easiest to get around in. 2 Main corridors, all clearly marked, 2 elevators and another for cargo. mehhh.... NOW THE STARFARER....... That's a hot freaking mess. If CIG needed another $5k to redesign the Starfarer interior I would wire them the money right NOW.
  7. JediKel

    Sabre Raven

    Sorry fellas just archiving this here in case CIG makes changes down the road 😉 The Raven is kitted out as a “data runner,” capable of quickly ferrying sensitive digital informationthroughout the Star Citizenuniverse. It will also feature two, unique electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapons for disabling larger prey as well as stronger, longer-range laser weapons than a standard Sabre would normally be able to bring to bear. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/media/4ea3iytexqoicr/source/CitizenCon2017_Brochure_COMPLETE_NoCMYK.pdf https://www.polygon.com/2017/10/27/16554132/star-citizen-free-with-intel-ssd-exclusive-ship-raven
  8. JediKel

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    👏 Well put
  9. JediKel

    It’s SNOWING in SCB

    LOVE IT !!!!!!
  10. JediKel

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    I mentioned this on Spectrum so I'd thought I'd echo it here..... Is is just me, or am I seeing lots of struts like the Connie? I understand that it will have an almost half spherical view from the seat, but unless the struts are transparent, all I see is the Andromeda cockpit, just larger. 😕 mehhhhh my be sacrilege to say, but screw it. I may just go to the 600 explorer for the view and solo play. I'll just man one of yours for the deeper travels.
  11. JediKel

    Golf Ball Bug

    WOOOO HOOOO they fixed it in one day. Sadly missed out on Anvil, RSI, and Origin... BUT i rented all things Aegis today
  12. JediKel

    Golf Ball Bug

    Hey guys/gals/droids, SOOOOOO..... just learned about a bug that has been plaguing me for the last 4 days. Reinstalled the game 4 times, deleted user file, verified... etc.... IF you are invisible/see through, cannot see anything when you open your mobi glass, can't see ship listing in the kiosk and when you are in 3rd person view you are a golf ball dot....... YOU have this bug. You need to send support a trouble ticket and title it Golf Ball Bug. It will require and account reset. Hope mine gets fixed fast so I can see the Expo in person instead of streamers and youtube videos.
  13. JediKel

    Origin 600 Thread

    If I was Chris Roberts for the day, these are some of the changes I'd recommend for the 600i Explorer: -Get rid of the glass wall in the Exploration Module so those looking at the sphere can talk to the operators -Have the Operator consoles in the Exploration Module face each other or the sphere so they're not back to back -Add a stair case for rapid traverse between floors. Elevators are easy but waiting on the lift can be time consuming -Add dividers to the crew rooms like you did on the 890J. Exploration crew needs privacy especially with all that room -Wrap the whole cargo bay room with those wall mounted cargo secure magnets (instead of carrying cargo up an elevator through the bar, down the stairs and into the side rooms) -Move the "Armory" to the cockpit in the corners by the door -With the "Armory" moved to the cockpit make that room a Med Bay for long term exploration. After all... ORIGIN (rich Citizens) "Elysium Med pod"
  14. JediKel

    RSI Orion

    Orion just had it’s price increased to $450. 😬.