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  1. F8 Lightning

    Oh I completely agree with you Reavern. CR mentioned that he didn't want to sell the F8 in 10 for the Chairman way back when. I was just giving myself hope. Kinda like that Ferrari I will never own
  2. F8 Lightning

    I am going to cry when and IF they sell the F8. ????WHY???? Because this is going to be sold like the Phoenix. It's gong to be the "Golden Goose," sold with a HUGE "military" tax and priced above what we now find to be normal price to limit the quantity out there. $350 like the Glaive at least. And this is THE ONE fighter I would buy no matter what the price. The addiction is real. I WISH WISH WISH they had put a small little living space internally so it could compete with the VG.
  3. Sabre Raven

  4. Aegis Eclispe

  5. Avenger - New WIP Pics

  6. Drake Vulture

    I mean....... not to play devils advocate but........ aren’t most new ideas copies of older ones??? The whole, why reinvent the wheel scenario. Space X borrowed ideas from previous generations....... movies...... technology...... clothing...... the list goes on. Heck.... I dare someone to write an essay on “how to (fill in the blank),” and NOT touch on an idea already covered. Even the artist and designers agree they draw inspiration from other genres. /// Not debating to piss anyone off, but..... if it’s not just a coincidence then it could very well be...... if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Change it a bit, but it works. Heck.... KIA, Hyundai among many could be considered “copyright infringement” on some of the carbon copy vehicles they produce. Morale of this story. Digital pixels. Let’s not stir the pot when it’s not necessary. DISCLAIMER: don’t get mad at me for adding to the conversation. Just looking at the glass half full vs half empty 😊
  7. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Damn... I must have skipped ahead to see the Vulture and missed it. Thanks!!!!
  8. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Where did you get that video @VoA? Thanks for sharing.
  9. Drake Vulture

  10. Drake Vulture

    Links were already posted Devil. It’s concierge accessible. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//16619-Your-Ship-Your-Sky-Early-Bird
  11. Drake Vulture

    It’s legit. I have access to it on the main RSI page. 120 warbond. 140 store credit. A Drake package. Prospector was 140 concept price.