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  1. Hello there!

    Welcome back to the addiction 😊
  2. Hello Battle Buddy! Welcome to the Base. Looks like you and I can share some stories about the sandbox. Chat with you later bro.
  3. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Sorry for wasting a thread on a Thank You, .......... BUT...... THANK YOU! I absolutely love the site creators for adding the snow effect on SCB. It’s perfect!! Well done folks. Brought some joy to this guy 😊
  4. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Relax bro... I am just teasing while referencing what everyone’s thinking. Plus, You don’t know if in 5 yrs when I fly the HH, I swap out all lasers for Carbines and go winchester in a blaze of game fury. 😊
  5. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Out of ammo......I HAVE AN IDEA
  6. Armada Pack Optimization: Help!

    any other suggetions?........ STOP NOW!!! it's like a disease. It's already taken so much from you. Stop while you can. The "pokeships syndrome" got me, and doctors are still working on a cure.
  7. Infinity War is coming!

  8. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    From Sandi’s FB. Looks like the middle cut has been filled in.
  9. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Hammerhead IS a capital ship Devil....... ............. ............compared to an Aurora. Lolololol. Just fkn with you brother. Relax. I don’t think Cig knows either. ☺️
  10. RSI - Aquila (Constellation)

    At one point, wasn’t the idea that later on we would be able to swap out the front and rear of the Connie’s to mix and match. Say I wanted the Aquila round nose with the Taurus rear extra cargo???? Am I making this up because I haven’t heard much on the subject since the ship shape mentioned it last year.
  11. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    SON OF A BITCH !! RIP Wallet. RIP BMM. I hate you Pretty concept pics. Romen and crackers for a month
  12. RSI - Aquila (Constellation)

    I wonder why they would raise the price of the Aquila when it’s Flight ready since they didn’t raise the price of the Andromeda? Hopefully 3.0 is after the anniversary sale so I can attempt a $0 CCU to the Eclipse.
  13. Sabre Raven

    Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks when CIG deliberates between LTI or 2 months insurance. I didn’t know it also came with as a game package. According to pcgamer, “As for the Sabre Raven, RSI said that the exclusive codes with Optane drives include a lifetime insurance policy, so if in the future your SabreRaven gets hijacked and stolen, you won't need to worry.” http://www.pcgamer.com/star-citizen-sabre-raven-exclusively-available-with-intels-new-optane-900p-ssds/
  14. Big Ass Donut

    Welcome.... Don't let Donut boss you around. Tell him you're the Biggest Donut of them all. LMAO
  15. Sabre Raven

    I found this interesting. Will definitely get some push back.