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  1. Welcome @Corinzio !!!!! See you out there.
  2. Hmmmm. Would have preferred a competitor to the Ursa Rover. We have enough bikes. (IMO). Plus. You’re limited to the ground. At leave the hover bikes could be used in space. They do look cool af though.
  3. I am very glad they did this!!! Hope some of you newbies (not noobs) are taking the time to watch these. Good info. See you out there folks. If you see me on the server let me know. I got lots of aUec to share with you for weapons.
  4. No Wardens huh. May I ask what made you choose to get rid of them. // I have a love hate relationship with the Vanguard. The MIS is my current VG replacement but I am sure it will get nerfed. I pulled the trigger on my MAX/Taurus $0CCU. Figured it would go up in value for sure and at least clear 130SCU
  5. EDIT: just saw this https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022408173
  6. Never seen them take the site down for maintenance. Must be something good coming. CRISIS averted ...... nothing’s special sadly. Was secretly hoping for a huge Turbulent update dump.
  7. Yeah.... I am not convinced that pod is worth it on the Warden. Heck, they could have done without that extra equipment rack on the Warden for at least 2 SCU. From what I see here I might as well upgrade to the Harbinger. I get additional fire power and armor, still get the ejection beds, a toilet shower, kitchenette.
  8. Lots has changed and like Grem said.... hide your damn wallet. Ships and planes are beautiful
  9. CaptainSomar


    Hello and Welcome. Glad to see new folks still coming in.
  10. DAYUM FIZZLE. Great breakdown. ... and.... welcome @Porroo
  11. Perfect timing. The Connie just got a buff. Welcome.
  12. Welcome to the Base LIA!!!!! See ya in 3.5!
  13. Welcome to the Base brother.
  14. Welcome Cash/Cashe/Kash I am on my third name at the moment. Lolol. Finally got one that’s available across all platforms. See you out there.
  15. Welcome!!!! I have no advice on the matter but there’s just too much in fluxs for me to nail down what works. Good luck. See you out there
  16. Welcome to the Base Capt!! You found a great home. See you around.
  17. Do you have Sentinel or Harbinger BUK? Do you have a Andromeda to Vanguard CCU?
  18. Hello trades people out there. I am looking to purchase the Vanguard Sentinel and Vanguard Harbinger BUK with LTI (because why not). Please PM with your price if you have these available. Thanks in advance.
  19. Picture of the black hole has been enhanced
  20. Anybody have access to or a copy of the latest ship size comparison by YT-0? The black background with top down silhouette; with the Corsair added to it.
  21. Off topic, @Gallitin but is TS still our primary, or are we planning on transitioning to Discord?
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