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  1. @VoA 🤔🤔 how about the Khartu-al? You already have it’s big brother. The two pewpew on it are lacking. // Good luck with decision though. I admire your restraint with as big as a whale as you are. congrats @Danakar Endeel
  2. @VoA damn you man! You’re concierge. We don’t melt or CCU, WE ADD!!! LOLOLOLOL. But if you’re taking opinions; I’d say one of the VG. Since you have all 3, I’d recommend keeping the base for actual anti fighter anti med to large ships. Keep the Sentinel for its wild weasel role. Melt the Harbinger as the Inferno will punch more than the Harb, and you can keep the Eclipse for Alpha strike. Or.... dump the Eclipse. It’s a stealth, strategic alpha strike platform. 3 size 9 torpedos and then go back to base to restock. With the Ion, you can stay at bay with unlimited ammo and you have a better chance to defend with the INCREDIBLE amount of missiles and shields to bug out. Or the Inferno, for amazing Dakkkkka and brrrrrrrrrtt, all the missiles CaptainNero, and get this.... same MED shields and components as a MIS. KEEP THE MIS for its great value as it was sold pre-CIG bS mark up. $165/175 whenever you got it, gets you a great high value cargo transport gunship. Plus ...... “fire everything” CaptainNero missiles load out WITH dakka!!!
  3. They did mention that the weapons are bespoke to each variant. So not swappable. It was mentioned on the Around the Verse today. (Or Inside Star Citizen.... whatever it’s called)
  4. PSA: Anything bought during this sale and melted, will NOT be eligible to recoup as a BuyBack. Disregard. They will be eligible after the event.
  5. Damn it.... and with the name Ares it better not be a light fighter. 🤣.
  6. Congrats!!!!
  7. If it’s a solid Vanguard competitor, they’ll have my money immediately.
  8. More like fresh new money vs recycled credits. 😉. Not that it matters since we’ll never know what fake quantity they artificially put on the amount they sell. Hope those that played the 2949 F5 wars were successful.
  9. Any of you guys tired of your 890 and want to sell it for another ship. Please... let me help fund your en-devours. PM me if you are selling a 890J LTI
  10. Welcome to the Base!!!! You're addition is strong this anniversary. lolololol At least it's not crack right. That's what I tell the wife
  11. Yeah @IceManZaroth™ I think they are definitely holding off so it’s a “new” experience for everyone during the Squadron 42 gameplay.
  12. Welcome to The Base !!!!!!!! .... see you in the Verse
  13. It was boiling point of 3.7 launch, Mantis sale, Defender sale, Harbinger variants sale, ALL OF it!!!!! I'll never understand why do updates on Fridays. It's gonna be all hands on deck working through all these issues this weekend.
  14. hmmmmm... I know some tweaking was necessary.... ( more than a little ), but people complaining because a large cargo ship (Caterpillar) making more money than a Titan chaps my ass. It's a Caterpillar.... It carries more cargo..... That's how the Cargo running tech tree works. /// Just like an Aurora should in NO WAY possibly beat a Vanguard.
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