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  1. CaptainSomar

    Banu Defender

  2. CaptainSomar

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    She's the top "end state" Exploration ship. She's not a slim and sexy racer, but a long term explorer. She needed the girth to be Anvil Tough and accommodate the slew of required items. Tri-landing gear can work on something of this size because of the sheer size and weight; it will simply settle into it's tonnage. It's a space ship so I'd hate to compare to airplanes, but for quick comparison..... A380, B747, C-5, etc... don't tip over AND they move and turn. This ~127m space ship is suppose to land and stay put. mehh.... agree to disagree. Everyone will find a reason to hate it. I for one bought mine back after seeing they improved the last iteration.
  3. CaptainSomar

    Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    HOLY SHIT... (sorry for cursing).... BRAVO CIG....... Way to listen. She looks Anvil tough now!!! Damn what a few changes make. Bridge back to original, Gear issue fixed and window isn't tinted yellow. SOLD
  4. CaptainSomar

    introduction Monkey, reporting for duty!

    Welcome MM... Love your name. lolol The MAX is a beast!!!
  5. CaptainSomar


    Welcome D !!!!! Hope you're enjoying the game thus far.
  6. CaptainSomar


    Welcome Remon Engod !!!! You'll have a blast here!!!
  7. CaptainSomar


    What's going on Pallas?!?!?! Welcome!!!!
  8. CaptainSomar

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    You beat me to it @VoA !!
  9. CaptainSomar

    Want to Sell [WTS] LTI HammerHead, CCU to Orion

    Guess one final bump before melting. Dropped prices by $10.
  10. CaptainSomar

    Greetings All

    ^ lololol And Welcome !!!!!
  11. CaptainSomar

    Want to Sell [WTS] LTI HammerHead, CCU to Orion

    One more bump. Dropped price on HammerHead and added a Caterpillar to Orion CCU
  12. CaptainSomar

    New recruit!

    Hey @Ticklemylawls!!!! Awesome name!! Nice fleet.
  13. CaptainSomar

    Complete Polaris

    PM sent
  14. CaptainSomar


    You can still get a Hornet Tracker to MISC MAX ccu for $0. Put some in your hangar MEOW!!!! on the upgrade page it will show the MAX as $150 but keep clicking and you’ll see it’s a $0 CCU you can also do the Hornet Ghost to the DUR for $0 CCU before the 10$ hike. I hope ole somebody is takin advantage of this and not just me.
  15. CaptainSomar

    Origin 600 Thread

    PSA. 600i Touring is going up $35. So if you wanted one and it’s in your buy back, nows the time.