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  1. SOLDIER OF FORTUNA PACK - LTI $415 USD (does not include PayPal fees) No profit... just trying to offload.
  2. Yeah Devil.... Wish it was stairs to the second floor bridge. And wish the rear elevator went down to the floor outside for a faster/ more efficient exit vs using the ramp. But way more impressed than the 600ie which I wish would get redone, but alas.... I need to come to terms that the pass they do on it will not address the huge amount of disappointment.
  3. Welcome to SCB!!!! Look forward to flying with you.
  4. I thought this was super cool.
  5. Adds the Ares and Mole
  6. CaptainSomar

    Esperia Prowler

    That ranger better put on a helmet. 😊
  7. UEE 2948 Exploration Package at cost! Not looking to make a profit, just don’t want people to loose more money. $695 (does not include PayPal fee if you want an invoice). PM me if interested.
  8. PSA: I have a dozen of the $695 Exploration Pack 2948 at cost, if you don’t want to loose your ass on the black market.
  9. I was actually going to post that @Danakar Endeel 🤣🤣. I hope those that are in the fence pull the trigger and not miss out on probably the BEST deal going on the pledge store.
  10. Just beautiful. Well done on the Carrack CIG. Hope all owners enjoy their new toy.
  11. hmmm... I thought these expired? Any hoot.... try some of the folks on marketplace, if not reddit. Just make sure they're still good. Good Luck
  12. Happy New Year Imperium!!!!!! Hope 2020 brings everyone good fortunes, and maybe even Squadron 42 😝.
  13. Not gonna lie. I was really hoping for a Vanguard competitor. When I learned that it did not have an interior (with the concept sale), I shifted optimism to a Heavy Fighter for the Idris. ——- Q&A solidified my question about what ship it fits on, and this is definitely NOT what I wanted to hear. 🙁.
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