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  1. Welcome to The Base !!!!!!!! .... see you in the Verse
  2. It was boiling point of 3.7 launch, Mantis sale, Defender sale, Harbinger variants sale, ALL OF it!!!!! I'll never understand why do updates on Fridays. It's gonna be all hands on deck working through all these issues this weekend.
  3. hmmmmm... I know some tweaking was necessary.... ( more than a little ), but people complaining because a large cargo ship (Caterpillar) making more money than a Titan chaps my ass. It's a Caterpillar.... It carries more cargo..... That's how the Cargo running tech tree works. /// Just like an Aurora should in NO WAY possibly beat a Vanguard.
  4. I am really hoping with the mission sharing, all the caves, plenty of biomes, and no more hover mode.... people come out of hiding/hiatus and start playing again. I am having fun personally.
  5. Just beautiful. I think and hope this is the patch were CIG gets some love and pats on the back for the work thus far. Caves are cool, FPS mining is cool, toggle VTOLs, weapons, attachments, ....... just wow.
  6. CaptainSomar

    Sabre Raven

    Damn you took a beating!!!! lol Sweet pics!
  7. Please PM me if you have an Andromeda to Redeemer CCU with a fair price. TY
  8. 8 side work stations??? I know it's concept images and it could be old concept.... but at this point... it's all I have to look forward to with this game 😂 To be honest... I am already sick of Aegis with them flooding the market. Some new Crusader ships or anything non Aegis would have been a welcome. But I understand it's the most flushed out manufacture, so they can hammer these out. 😲...... could it be the Redeemer gunship reworked to be a mini Hammerhead???? Only time will tell.
  9. Found this picture on the reddits and spectrum. Possible new Aegis concept that is so super secret at the moment?? maybe??
  10. Welcome @Corinzio !!!!! See you out there.
  11. Hmmmm. Would have preferred a competitor to the Ursa Rover. We have enough bikes. (IMO). Plus. You’re limited to the ground. At leave the hover bikes could be used in space. They do look cool af though.
  12. I am very glad they did this!!! Hope some of you newbies (not noobs) are taking the time to watch these. Good info. See you out there folks. If you see me on the server let me know. I got lots of aUec to share with you for weapons.
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