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  1. haha , no more toilets are working in my house anymore! I needed a few spare T-joints! (kidding:D)) I paid for the plans and followed the instructions...and then half way through I went on my own...lol
  2. Hey guys , Built this over the weekend....gonna store it now and wait for star citizen and then will get a X52 perhaps! quik question : I already have a nice joystick , can I buy any throttle control and those feet control things and will they work with my Logitech Freedom 2.4? or do all the components need to be part of a single set? here pics and a video of the video I found it on!
  3. How Much Did You Spend?

    I got the 300i and was happy....then I decided to get a freelancer was happy , then I realized my life would not be whole unless I had a hornet too.....then it occurred to me that inorder to survive the upcoming apocalypse I might as well get a constellation.......then a bunch of skins.....and now I feel the need to buy a tanker!! Sitting at near $400 so far!!
  4. Starfarer Tanker: The Ultimate Trade Ship

    ^^^ What he said Let any low life pirate try mess with us! Ill follow you in my constellation or perhaps even be an escort for you:D
  5. Hi there! Count me in for : Merchant , escort , fighter , explorer and trader! If this game looks as good as they say it is , I will be online 23/7 (1 hour sleep ok!) I have played loads of online games and really love them...plus im damn good:D I have represented my country in Battlefield 2/3 and won a few tournaments aswell, I am all to familiar with clans and teamwork. (for some reason my enter button is not working?) Peace out!