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  1. Cheers @Flatfoot. Nevermind, I retract my previous statement. I was looking at the Hornet I purchased and got confused with the Cutlass.
  2. Seeing as tho this is the Cutlass thread, I wanted to know what the original Cutlass is that we pledged for? If it is the black varient, what is stopping us from melting our original (no LTI) for this new black one and saving a whole $10 for another ship as there is a price difference between the black and the original.
  3. OK awesome, cheers guys. I just haven't read anything on the issue, and was hoping this wasn't permanent.
  4. Heya guys, Just want to ask all the other Hornet Ghost owners out there if they have noticed a change in colour with their ship. Mine has gone from an awesome almost invisible dark black/purple sheen to a darker grey version of the Super Hornet. I have tried searching these forums as well as RSi and cnat find any info on them. Cheers Brett
  5. Welcome to Imperium. Look forward to playing with all us Aussies.
  6. Welcome from the western side of our great country.
  7. That is pretty impressive, but I wonder how he gets the "measurements".
  8. Stuck at work for 1 more week!

    1. Wu Jen

      Wu Jen

      Same but only 3 more days for me :)

    2. SnowOwl


      You'll be glad when it's done.

  9. Hello fellow citizens of the stars, My name is Brett, aka Bright Spark and I'm from West Aust. I pledged back in July, as I have been living under a rock for the past 1 and a half years. At the moment I have a Connie Aquila and Hornet Ghost. Not sure what to get next tho? I have joined the exploration team and look forward to going on epic voyages with you all. I will be in-game and on teamspeak in a week as im stuck at work and dont have a big enough quota to d/l the whole 14-16GB patch. If you want to add me in steam my name is "Bright Spark" and in D3 ROS "BrightSpark#6591". I look forward to playing with you guys and will talk to you when I get home. Bright out......
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