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  1. i was bored....

    if anyone wants to edit that further, feel free :D (btw it's kinda late here.... sooo keep the typos that you find...^^)



    Star, fly, land - all without loading:

    Our first station is the presentation with hands-on for the current version of the procedural tech in game.
    Procedural means that premade algorithms are creating all stellar objects in the game in real time.
    This process can be repeated at will and safes hardware ressources.
    In our case we start directly in space.
    We are sitting in the cockpit of our Fighter, in front of us the approximately moon sized planet Delamar in the Nyx system.
    For the local landing zone the abandoned mining station levski can be loaded into the HUD.
    It can be approached directly and seamlessly.
    Out of space, into orbit, entry into atmosphere, landing approach - how that looks and feels you can see on the double page 16/17.
    The basic technology behind this could be seen first at the end of 2015, however the grafical quality of the planet surfaces has been significantly increased.
    On the planet we exit the cockpit and move in a realistic 3D environment.
    Topography and terrain look amazing and while looking at the ocean we notice the accurate simulation of the bending on the horizon.
    The technical foundation makes accurate simulating the star systems possible, meaning the planets and moons draw their orbits around the sun.
    This for example allows for natural day-night sides if you round a stellar object.
    "With regards to gameplay the procedural tech represents a great step ahead for us" Chris Roberts tells us during the presentation and continues: "We can now design missions that for example you can accept a mission on a space station in space and the course of the mission leads you seamlessly to a planet surface and back".
    The singleplayer "Squadron 42" will also profit from this, Roberts promises.
    The exploration aspect can be designed much more excitedly now, too.
    Whoever looks from a planet surface to a moon can jump into his fighter and acctually fly up there.
    In contrast to genre colleague Elite: Dangerous all planets and moons in the game universe are supposed to have landing possibilities.
    In fairness it should be noted that in the Roberts universe we are talking about 100 systems while Frontier Developments are simulating the whole milky way.

    Auto algorithms with hand working bonus:

    No Man's Sky, the space game releasing at 10. August 2016, also uses procedural tech, however with completely automated planet generation without story gameplay.
    Star Citizen on the other hand will be different, because it is concepted as true online roleplay game.
    There is already a painstakingly created lore to the game, filled with factions and planet descriptions.
    In order for that to transition to the game and to be visible to the player the developers show us with their editor tools how the algorithmically created planet surfaces are getting vitalized so they do not feel repetitive or even boring.
    The designers always have control over the generated content.
    Terrain topographies can be edited or adapted manually in the editor.
    Predefined templates - socalled ecosystems - contain for example trees, buildings, plants and also animals, that can be applied onto the existing terrain with a brush.
    After that, transitions are modelled and over blended by cry engine so the surface looks smooth in the end.
    Because of this, you can discover objects like hidden temples, wrecks, stations, mines or other game relevant things while exploring.

    The next steps:

    After we got a good picture of the functioning tech at Foundry 42, we also wanted to know when all of this can be played on the live version.
    Chris Roberts told us what the next steps look like.
    First, there is supposed to be the 2.5 update relatively soon.
    Therein are, among other things, a new space station for the already existing mini PU (see page 14).
    "The station is intended more for players who, let's say, want to move more out of the law", Roberts explains.
    The allusion refers to the pirate base named Grim Hex, which was recently shown by CIG in their online video show "Around the Verse".
    Grim Hex forms the counterpart of the already existing station Port Olisar in the playable Stanton system.
    "We want to enable gameplay with two factions with that to see what the players will make of it" Roberst says.
    After that it continues with version 2.6, in which the developers want to introduce the ego shooter module "Star Marine".
    "Star Marine" can be played ouside of the PU like the current "Arena Commander" module where ones flying skills can be tested.
    It is specially designed for multiplayer shooter sessions with its own maps.
    "We have invested a lot of time into the FPS mechanics, that will be clearly noticable compared to the current basic system in 2.4" Roberts says.
    The developers show us a corresponding gameplay scene which makes an excellent impression: Animations, controls and weapon feeling were thoroughly overhauled so it really feels good to a shooter player.
    The result: fluid motions and clean gunplay - please continue!
    With version 2.7 CIG wants to implement the procedural planet tech into the live universe.
    For the first step this means that for the first time the whole Stanton system will be accessable.
    The current 2.4 version only includes a part of Stanton and you can not even land properly on the planets and their space ports.
    That will then change fundamentaly.
    "Version 2.7 is the next big step for us which will contain a lot more playable content for the backers" Roberts says.
    Planets and moons in the Stanton system can then be flown to directly and players can land on them, like on the aforementioned outlaw base Grim Hex.
    With following patches more landing zones will find their way into the Stanton system, like Hurston and Microtech, both important places in the Star Citizen universe.
    The declared goal of CIG is to release a fully playable Stanton system within 2016, with all stations and landing zones, which Roberts numbered at around 40 locations.


  2. hm, well my system runs on my ssd (which works fine) so I might be wrong but doesn't it matter where a secondary internal HDD is in the ranking?


    But I found something interesting nevertheless :D


    (sorry it's in german but I hope the essence is understandable :/ )

    The WDC (the hdd in question) shows up in the SATA-configuration....




    BUT not in the boot option priority... (hitachi is an external drive, corsair is the ssd)



  3. I've had this issue in laptops before. The mobo will sometimes not recognise the drive and you have to go into the BIOS and select it manually again even if it's saved already. Then just save and exit and it should be fine. If there's no damage that you can see then that's what I would recommend doing.

    Sounds easy enough... But how can I do that? :D Sry I don't really have experience in BIOS :/


    Just to make this clear: It shows up in BIOS but not in the Device Manager nor the Disk Management? Which OS are you using btw, asuming it's some Windows...

    Positive. It's Windows 8.1


    btw MB is Asus M5A97 LE Rev 2.0 AMD 970 So.AM3+ Dual Channel DDR ATX Retail

  4. Well the one on the MB i checkt with my SSD and it works. The one on the HDD i can't be sure, you're right. but since I get the same problem with a new HDD (which I assume works can't test it though atm) i figured it's unlikely that they both have the same issue (correct me if I'm wrong here). So I was wondering if the problem was somewhere else and therefor this post ;)


    EDIT: oh and it shows up in BIOS, might be wrong again but doesn't that mean that is has at least a connection?

  5. hi,


    so a few days ago I was working on my pc and, clumsy as I am, apparently used a bit to much force :/ The result was that, on the data cable port of my HDD, the plastic, on which the pins are, broke. The pins are fine however. So in theory it should still work fine. But when connected (well since it broke I have to manually hold it there -.-) it only shows up in BIOS and neither in the explorer nor the drive manager.

    Additionaly: when I try to use a new (unused) HDD the same thing happens, it shows up in BIOS but nowhere else.

    I checked the ports and cables so thats not it.


    The HDD in question is a 1000GB WD Green WD10EZRX Intellipower 64MB 3.5" (8.9cm) SATA 6Gb/s


    I appreciate any help!


  6. i also got it, i thinks its a pretty good game for that price!


    well its a little bit buggy sometimes, but so far nothing that a relog couldnt handle (and rly not that often)

    the ppl are really helpful and sell stuff pretty cheap to new ppl

    to combat: there is only pve combat and only in one zone as far as i heard, its more a T&I/explo game than combat ;)


    im really looking forward to exploring, now that i got my mammoth, only need a hyperdrive and im good to go!

  7. This ship hurts my neck just to look at it. I feel like the "seated" angle should be more extreme and there should be bolster supports on each shoulder and probably some bolstering around the upper torso to prevent a lot of lateral motion. It might not hurt to bring the knees up to keep them slightly bent more. The idea is great, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. 

    well... they arent really build for humans :D

    but yeah I think you're righ

  8. the one thing I dont understand about LTI:


    CIG stated that it'll be negligible in the PU (and as far as I know they did that quite early). But hey we're pre-alpha so everything can change right? Well, I think you have two choices here:


    1: believe CIG in what they are telling us, or

    2: don't


    so if you do believe them, there's no reason to worry about LTI.

    And if you don't, why the hell did you pledge for this game in the first place if you don't believe what the devs are saying? I mean, I think it's a matter of.. well trust in CIG. You trust them when they say they will make an awesome game but you dont trust them when they are telling you LTI isn't important? kinda strange imo...



    And btw:

    Why are they selling new concept ships with LTI? cause the community demanded it(and I guess to reduce grey market sales).


    I think we should be happy that CIG are listening to the wishes of the community (even if they seem kinda strange :D)

    They can't please everyone, that's just impossible but imo they are doing a decent job.



    Well, I hope at least something of that makes sense :D

  9. Hello, well I'm Tisi :)


    I pledeged a while ago but with the recent update and the possibility to create private matches and play with friends I decided to join a larger org and well... here I am :)


    The aspect I like most about SC is probably.... everything :D However I think exploration will (at least at the beginning of the game) be my main focus.


    The ships I currently own are: 325a, Cutlass, Freelancer DUR, Constellation Aquila


    So, I hope I didn't forget anything important ;D I'm usually not that good at this kind of stuff ;)


    Well then, see u on ts and in the verse (cant waaaaiit ;D )


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