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  1. i was bored.... if anyone wants to edit that further, feel free (btw it's kinda late here.... sooo keep the typos that you find...^^)
  2. this might just be me missing something... but i can't untoggle the email notification for PMs and comments on something I follow (disabled by administrator) just asking cause my email account is already kinda being spammed^^
  3. hm, well my system runs on my ssd (which works fine) so I might be wrong but doesn't it matter where a secondary internal HDD is in the ranking? But I found something interesting nevertheless
  4. Sounds easy enough... But how can I do that? Sry I don't really have experience in BIOS :/ Positive. It's Windows 8.1 btw MB is Asus M5A97 LE Rev 2.0 AMD 970 So.AM3+ Dual Channel DDR ATX Retail
  5. k I added you on steam
  6. Well the one on the MB i checkt with my SSD and it works. The one on the HDD i can't be sure, you're right. but since I get the same problem with a new HDD (which I assume works can't test it though atm) i figured it's unlikely that they both have the same issue (correct me if I'm wrong here). So I was wondering if the problem was somewhere else and therefor this post EDIT: oh and it shows up in BIOS, might be wrong again but doesn't that mean that is has at least a connection?
  7. hi, so a few days ago I was working on my pc and, clumsy as I am, apparently used a bit to much force :/ The result was that, on the data cable port of my HDD, the plastic, on which the pins are, broke. The pins are fine however. So in theory it should still work fine. But when connected (well since it broke I have to manually hold it there -.-) it only shows up in BIOS and neither in the explorer nor the drive manager. Additionaly: when I try to use a new (unused) HDD the same thing happens, it shows up in BIOS but nowhere else. I checked the ports and cables so thats not it. The HDD in question is a 1000GB WD Green WD10EZRX Intellipower 64MB 3.5" (8.9cm) SATA 6Gb/s I appreciate any help! Tisi
  8. wait... wasnt that on the planet on which time was like 10 times slower than normal?? soo... heads up everybody, it'll be soon
  9. i also got it, i thinks its a pretty good game for that price! well its a little bit buggy sometimes, but so far nothing that a relog couldnt handle (and rly not that often) the ppl are really helpful and sell stuff pretty cheap to new ppl to combat: there is only pve combat and only in one zone as far as i heard, its more a T&I/explo game than combat im really looking forward to exploring, now that i got my mammoth, only need a hyperdrive and im good to go!
  10. one thing keeps spinning around in my head... so let's say im on one of our cap ships doing my daily work when we are getting ambushed by some pirates... would i be able to see the smaller ships outside fighting each other when i look out of a window when the interior is a seperate instance? thx in advance if someone can enlighten me
  11. Well as far as I understand it, they would need double precision in CryEngine to do someting like that, which they don't have yet.... So it's not that they wouldn't like to give us a whole star system to fly in, they just can't atm
  12. Tisi


    well... they arent really build for humans but yeah I think you're righ
  13. the one thing I dont understand about LTI: CIG stated that it'll be negligible in the PU (and as far as I know they did that quite early). But hey we're pre-alpha so everything can change right? Well, I think you have two choices here: 1: believe CIG in what they are telling us, or 2: don't so if you do believe them, there's no reason to worry about LTI. And if you don't, why the hell did you pledge for this game in the first place if you don't believe what the devs are saying? I mean, I think it's a matter of.. well trust in CIG. You trust them when they say they will make an awesome game but you dont trust them when they are telling you LTI isn't important? kinda strange imo... And btw: Why are they selling new concept ships with LTI? cause the community demanded it(and I guess to reduce grey market sales). I think we should be happy that CIG are listening to the wishes of the community (even if they seem kinda strange ) They can't please everyone, that's just impossible but imo they are doing a decent job. Well, I hope at least something of that makes sense
  14. In that case: have a look there, maybe it helps (at least it did for me)
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