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  1. I am excited for the online part but I do hope there is at least a few planets and systems we can explore in the Alpha stage of the game.
  2. I completely agree. One of my favorite parts about a game like this is the customization options. It makes me feel like I am a unique player and not just some piece of hay in a hay stack like a lot of games. Also it's really fun!
  3. I like this idea. My name is probably one of the only golden trophies I thought of. I know its used but I used my head to come up with it and it's a coincidence that it is used in other things.
  4. I want something like you can lose your ship twice a day with a 2 hour return time. This makes it so you try to avoid risks but not too much to the point you are just sitting back cowering in fear instead of having a good experience. It would be great if the developers hit the perfect balance to wear you could have fun and take risks with caution. If they made it instant then you would take a bunch of risks. A lot of energy and excitement comes from taking risks in games which unfortunately a lot of people don't think about. That's my opinion!
  5. Plain and simple. Perhaps if an official clan exceeds 75 members they will get a special, player designed tag that they can put on their ship.
  6. I would say it's going to be damn close to a flight simulator. Considering how complicated the mechanics are already and what you will be able to do in the cockpit at full release. The xbox360 controller would work but you wouldn't have the capabilities I THINK of what the full game will have in store.
  7. I would suggest an xbox controller for windows 7. you could just buy an xbox360 controller for 10 bucks then an adapter for 4. I use it for any flying games but it also works for literally every game. It also lasts forever. I have had my controller since the xbox360 was released and its still in great condition.
  8. They should get a huge picture frame with a huge card and put it on their wall...
  9. You could pick them up then throw them into space. Give them the choice of work or that!
  10. I think I'm going to die if I have to wait a year for this game!

  11. My name is Jacob and I am 15. When I was 8 my brother introduced me to Starcraft. Since then I have been playing it. Every day I play at least 10 or 15 games. The game gave me an inspiration to be a software engineer to develop games much like these. Over the years I developed a passion for space in general. Stars, galaxy, planets, biology, physics and most of all where did we come from. Sure you can research topics and look at NASA's current projects but sadly in my life time I don't think I will see human space travel... Luckily though technology in this time is very advanced and I can witness beautiful and almost life like games like this one become a virtual reality! I kind of regret not knowing about starlancer, freelancer and wing commander. They seem like games I would really enjoy. As a 15 year old I don't really make money since my family is in debt right now but I have been saving for about a year now and am going to buy the 250 dollar constelation pack. I am looking into clans and factions and am thinking of joining one. I appreciate your time and hope to see you in the game! Sincerely -Jacob
  12. I am willing to be a Tradesman, Miner, and explorer for this clan. I am going to get the Constellation Pack so I can do all these things. RSI Praxis Reporting for duty!
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