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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. L@neWolf


      A belated thanks... :-)

  2. I'm two plus years into my MFG Crosswind. Great piece of kit. I also went for the optional pieces, including Cams for convenience and logistical reasons (I was living in Africa at the time). Though even now that I'm back in Canada, I would opt for the same accessories. I have mine a little wider and slightly splayed, as seems the most comfortable for long periods for myself. You mileage may differ, but at least you will have the option of tailoring to yourself.
  3. This was the first sale that nothing really appealed to me, mind you I have a pretty decent and varied fleet as things stand. I'm content to wait for release at this point, though not adverse to picking something up in the future if it strikes my fancy.
  4. Well, I broke down and melted into a Polaris after some internal debate. Bottom line came down to it being a perfect Imperium support ship with great multiplayer integration potential. I have a pretty good stable of Trade and Exploration ships with a few smaller military support as well, but the Polaris opens up a whole new realm of game play and interaction with fellow Imperium members. Besides, who wouldn't want to command their own Capital ship when crisis arises and a call to arms is heard from their brethren. Tally-Ho!
  5. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Love my Warthog and Crosswind, though becoming convinced dual sticks is the way to go with SC, and a left handed Warthog would suit my idiosyncratic need for quality solutions.
  6. Getting some track time. Hardly a daily event, though I do try to get her out as much as possible to give her some free rein.
  7. Being my hometown once again, I don't see how I could be remiss and not attend.
  8. Perfectly valid, acceptable and normal situation for talent. Wishing Mark and his family all the best going forward, and respect for his priorities.
  9. Should either be sf_electrotome or orbitron. I can't recall which. You will find both in the attached. Star Citizen Base Fonts.7z
  10. The vector versions will be in .ai format. I seem to recall locating them wasn't intuitive.
  11. I feel your pain, having been there myself on a number of occasions. I now keep this bookmarked. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ho00hgem0i0bctc/AACX_uRR1Qkp-_32W1ScHqLia?dl=0
  12. Both Milan and his MFG Crosswind pedals are great. Received mine about this time last year (delivered to Uganda no less). Anyone interested in owning quality kit, would be hard done by to find better quality of manufacture or service elsewhere.
  13. Ben has since commented in the same reddit post: "CIG UPDATE from /u/Banditloaf! Hey guys! To clarify as best I can: the split is still happening, but it is not happening next week. We will give you at least two weeks clear notice before it happens. (As for the reason for the change in dates, we've asked Turbulent do a little more engineering to support the change... specifically, allowing the option of having SQ42 as an addon to a Star Citizen package.)"
  14. Another owner here. April Delivery. The March delivery date I saw was the 28th, so no real loss time-wise... Guess my DK2 can soon be demoted to collector status. :-)
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