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  1. Yep or a small amount of space with 50-100 people that would dynamically size and if I remember correctly have a way to interact with other neighboring instances.
  2. Do you remember CR's talk about dynamic servers changing instance sizes etc... ? I go with the promises of the person in charge of the project. Do you really want me to drag up that video?
  3. and there goes another promise that we will functional not have instances.
  4. @Boildown that is my hope that beta is mainly adding systems until we get to 100. But CIG seems to want to do something better.
  5. I worry that per CIG release is when the company owners can start taking profits and not just put all the cash into game development. I don't want CR taking a $ of profit until we have 100 systems in game.
  6. I love you Juntau. The problem is that it is hard to make a good pvp FM that is cinematic. The planets will be fine. They will be very cinematic with high fidelity.
  7. I just find it comical that cig is the first company to use procedural generated planets as a reason to cut scope in the minimally viable product.
  8. Ask me about this after 3.0 PTU. I will get you guys an info dump.
  9. Cincinnatus

    Aegis Harbinger

    Touche, I had eclipse on the mind for some reason.
  10. Cincinnatus

    Aegis Harbinger

    size 9 torpedos equal to a tali are small? CIG's basis of design doc had size 9 in the vault, so Eclipse is currently projected to be pretty OP.
  11. Cincinnatus

    Aegis Harbinger

    I find it ironic that you said don't worry about balance while posting something from the person pushing a good balance on the vanguard the hardest. The current ship is a mess. It can be fixed pre items 2.0, but CIG just leaves it even though most of the changes are 5 minutes worth of xml inputs. I find that I can't let CIG off with existing ships being completely away from their sold role after years in the game
  12. Any influence that we do on CIG is based on previous promises of CIG on what a ship will do based on concept ship and promises CIG has made. It is more a group how to change which variables to help CIG fulfill its promises of rock/paper/scissors combat and differentiation. The issue with EFT is that it 800 people. And if you think the Imperium arguments on things are bad.
  13. Don't bring this fact up under any circumstances. grammar nazi. Yeah you are not evocati, so your view is not quite right. Example, 2.6 they changed ship speeds. How do you know if that helped things? How do you give feedback to that? PVE liked different things from PVPers etc... Than Caldon that is why you don't bring much of this up. Also, CIG has no PVPers in house. How can they have the resources to balance if they don't know how players use there tools. Also, there is a different between people like mal who extra data and analysis changes and verify them in a patch and say where things are off and other people who actually use their RL skills to help CIG versus someone on reddit who has not played the game for more than 10 hours. It is more that there is a group who cares about the game is under NDA and is willing to bust their butts to do work to help CIG.
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