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  1. If someone already have posted this before, thank you for your patience with me. I just bought the game Interstellar Transport Company and ready to take it for a spin. It released 16 Aug, 2017, Anyone here tried it yet? //Anhard
  2. hqdefault.jpg

    1. Anhard


      haha thank you :)

  3. Trying to send but get error and the payment wont work..
  4. Two month from now we might have had a few 2.6.X. My opinion is that we wont see either SQ42 or 3.0 before summer 2017. Might get a taste of 3.0 at GamesCon again, and later a taste of SQ42 at CitizenCon. But they wont release any of them this year.
  5. I have been thinking about twitch...

    What would you say are the key factors for a channel to be build up on? 


    1. Chimaera


      First of all, a streamer needs a *hook*. That can be anything from how they look, to what they play, to how they present themselves on stream. If possible, they also need to have a kind of "street cred" with the audience they're building up. With Star Citizen, the most successful streamers are the ones who've spent a lot of time building up an association between their name and Star Citizen. This can be established solo, but is best done by being a part of a conglomerate. That said, the downside of conglomeration is that the "love" can get too spread around, and drama often happens between streamers. 

      It goes without saying that, aside from being able to be entertaining and having a good hook, a streamer needs to be able to have the time, skill, and rig able to handle streaming. Streaming often hits a worldwide audience, so streamers who can only "Casual stream" don't often get many followers, while the ones who stream upwards of 12 hours a day end up getting sustained traffic throughout the day. 

      Finally, PR. If you can get some cool videos onto youtube that get a lot of likes, get some association with specific games or types, and build up an audience, having PR in the form of social media, blogs, etc... also helps. In the end, successful streaming can be a full-time job, with tons of time and effort poured in, but it may not give the returns many seek. That's why there aren't that many Boogie2988s or AngryJoe's out there.  Yes they're youtubers, but they also stream a lot, do a lot of videos, run a lot of blogs, and do a ton on social media to build up their "brand".

    2. Anhard


      Good thoughts. Sounds like you have experience in the field of marketing and building brands. I have understood that you have too put in time and effort, and even more if you do it alone.  I would say it would have been much easier if you already are a youttuber, like you mentioned. hmm. 

      I have an decent rig-setup but still, the competition is extremely high. Only way in is if you find niche that no one else is covering. Was thinking to start a stream-platform with several other streamers for Scandinavians audience ,a Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/English channel.  It's hard to find other enthusiast in the region. ( to be honest I haven't been looking that carefully anyway)  

      Starcitizen "street-cred" you say. That one is hard. Not sure I have enough skills that could reach to a "monthly-MVP". I am not a graphic designer, nor am I a novelist that could write interesting stories. 

      I must say. Star Citizen community really have a lot of talented people. I might have to think this over a few more times. 


  6. I don't only want to learn Xi'an, I want to master the language like Britton Watkins. Would be nice to become a specialist in xenolinguistics. Give me a msg, and we form a group to begin our studies.
  7. SM is unplayable due to the high ping. It takes the fun out of the equation. 

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    2. Nord


      It must be due to our geo locations. My ping resides around 100-150 - The SM servers must be US only? Only explenation for such "high" ping on a 500/500 fibre connection.

    3. Anhard


      Yes I experience high ping both on Echo 11 and Damien. When I mean high ping I usually have 140-190 latency. I've 100/100 fiber and never have any problems with playing fps before, but it isn't fun to die behind cover and get lag spikes (everything stops) and then die when the spike is gone.  

      Its embarrassing to stream SM on twitch.

    4. Nevermore


      it does happen on both but mostly on Echo 11

      the problem is that the server some times drops players ( but not all players) and the players not dropped can just freely run around killing the dropped players 

      so for you it's a 5-20 secs where everyone stands still  and then you die to something random

      I've even been killed 5 seconds into a new round by a player in their spawn because the lag din't notice the kill before after thew new round :P 


      also they need to fix the spawn exits  i.e make it a one way shield so you can only shoot out :P
      this will help the spawn camping a little XD 

      and the point system / leader boards are also quite flawed 

      but all in all it's a good start  and I would rather have this buggy/laggy mess than nothing 


  8. Got some bad news today. Doctor said that I had a thrombus in my arm. Expensive medicine :/ 

    oh well. 

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    2. AEVUM


      I hope your better soon. I had a huge one in my leg. Had to do injections in my gut for 2 maybe 3 weeks then more than a year of pills with bi-weekly blood testing.

    3. Anhard


      Thanks guys

      Aevum, sounds horrible. Hope you are ok now! 


    4. AEVUM


      I'm  doing well, thank you.

  9. Aye that has to be a unit miscalculation. 130mm isnt that big. I bet they mean 1300mm. A canon that almost the size of an Idris. It must be. With a wider diameter you would get a much more devastating impact. One shoot one kill. With an impact of a 130mm X 20mm bullet on another capital ship wont be that critical. Nightmare yes, but not deadly.
  10. My humble opinion, I think it wont matter what ship you choose. All ship have a chance to become a money maker. In the end it depends on how you play your "class". I recon many fighter would earn more than other small trader/miners due to the high risk of pirates. The loss/win//failed -/completed missions ration is what's going to decide how profitable you will become. As a Trader (e.g. Banu/Hull X): If you ain't good with economics it will become hard to be cost efficient, and if you don't know much about logistic planning you will accumulate a lot of time waste. Money earned/ time( Planning+gathering+loading+mission time+mining+..+[insert activity(minutes))] As a fighter you might not earn much money each mission but in the end you probably will be more profitable. ( ofc I am speculating) There are many variables that has to be accounted for to say if some ship is more profitable than other ships, but there might be ships that has the potential to become profitable if they are used in a efficient way.
  11. I will always be in a demand for an skilled escort. As an Industrialist and Captain of a Taurus,Orion and Hull C I will buy protection. If I get a hefty reward for my work I surly will compensate my escort well. If you stick around and become my primary escort I will reward you a bonus % on top on your "salary". Does that sounds like a good deal? I will make you rich. Edit: First of all, you should play what you like most. If you rather want to be a military pilot than a hauler/trader stick to military pilot. Be a military and spend your time to be the best, if you are the best then you can demand higher "salary". I mean if you have a reputation that you have saved many "civilians" then most of us would like to hire you. I would rather spend on security than repairing my ship.
  12. Anhard

    RSI Orion

    I have been on this before, but really can't let it go. Do you think that Orion's value is fair? I mean comparing to other ships due to its size, Orion is kind of "cheap". Just the word "Industrial platform" feels somewhat robust and huge, but its value is less than a Gemini. What do you think of Orion and the "industrial platform" category? You think we will see change in size and price next year?
  13. Just love the genre. Sand-boxing in an industrial simulation open world. Link to a 30 day free demo https://factoryio.com/download-factory-io/
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