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  1. From sunny skies to snow covered streets. Vacation is over! -_-
  2. Crazy to see how far we’ve come. There are so many ships to choose from!
  3. Saw it last night. It's going to be a badass movie!!
  4. Should be okay with an updated system. But don’t expect smooth gameplay, everything is still a work in progress
  5. Running the 770 here. I have no problem waiting.
  6. I totally forgot about the green one. What’s so special about it other than the color?
  7. Just fix the cockpit. Terrible design. Maybe if it was a planetary bomber. I can get used to the cramp tunnels - feels like a military submarine.
  8. Darius Marx

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    I just imagine what the kingship will be like....
  9. Yeah I’m not thrilled about the interiors. Nor the hatch to get in. It’s not very user friendly. And the interiors are confusing.
  10. There’s always next year bud, and the year after that. We got loads of time.
  11. I Missed out on getting a carrack. Oh well, there’s always next year’s anniversary sale.
  12. Punching power. I would assume. I would also assume that wether or not they’re guided depends on the ballistic line. Could be be wrong though. I been out of the loop for a while
  13. Darius Marx

    Anvil Arrow

    Sexy little escort fighter
  14. These are lifetime insurance weapons i believe... unless I'm wrong, they will be worth a lot more in game. I'd wait.
  15. Wait so you’re hoping release comes much later than currently anticipated because you hope for more features to be included before release? More of these “milestones”?
  16. I’ll just buy a decent 60$ one and turn on some lights. 160$+ for a webcam is loco.
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