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  1. Hector

    Characters (FPS) - 3.x

    Lol the way he gets up is so weird
  2. Hector

    300i rework

    Wow. Looking slick
  3. Hector

    Vanduul - Blade - Light Fighter

    Personally I don’t see a reason to get this if it won’t fool vanduul fleets. Just try my luck into getting a captured one. Looks badass though and would make for a cool racer!
  4. Lti? LTI? Also, on March 25th someone gave you positive feedback after a successful sale on this topic. What is that about?
  5. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    can you say, ground bombardment?
  6. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    mother of god
  7. Hector

    3.1 vs. 3.0 comparison

    Wow awesome video man
  8. Hector

    Beef Liver Bacon and Onion Burgers

    Damn that looks good.
  9. Hector

    Chris Roberts on 3.0

    That’s why I don’t test it. It’s just frustrating to test something so unplayable. I rather spend my little play time on something that’s been released.
  10. Hector

    Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    I wouldn’t shoot a tank inside a starship if I were you..
  11. Hector

    CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    What’s the worst case scenario?
  12. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    And whats with the cockpit being underneath like that?
  13. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    What do you mean
  14. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    It is not designed to be the core of a fleet but regardless I’ll use my hammerhead as such. And in combat I’ll use it as a safe zone for my fighters to retreat back to during combat missions. I like how he said it was a defensive ship, whose greatest defensive asset was its offensive capability. This thing is all firepower and I love it.
  15. Hector

    Happy Hour - Drake Vulture, Drake Corsair, Drake Kraken

    Drake’s version of the Constellation? Yes please.
  16. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    This wouldn’t be the first time a ship changes class and equipment size from concept to flight ready. And at this point Chris Roberts can change any ship to his liking based on his vision. The point is that nothing is set in stone till release so I take everything said and written so far with a grain of salt.
  17. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    They corrected his F8 Lightning mistake. Not the hammerhead comment though. It looks and sounds like it's a capital ship.
  18. Hector

    Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    I bet the hammerhead will lack maneuverability and armor. With high dps and ample speed to take out fighters. But not enough armor to hang with the big boys for too long.
  19. Hector


    7hours? Lol what are they paying you to play that long? geez.
  20. Hector

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    Why are you guys surprised about the vip mission availability? Think about it. If you’re a VIP do you care how you get to your destination? Ofcourse you do. The luxury transports like the Phoenix will have the higher paying VIPs, whereas everyone else will have average joes to transport. There are taxis and there are limousines. There is economy seating and then there is first class.
  21. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    A dropship module would be awesome!
  22. Hector

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    The new interior screams first class flight ticket. And when the game goes live I'll be charging a first class fee to transport these VIPs.
  23. Hector

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I’ll be interested is finding out how much the operation costs will be and how far its operation distance will be. Hoping I can run missions with it much like I would’ve done with the reedemer I melted for it.