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  1. TheGreatWars

    Capital Ship Damage and Destruction

    Basically the video above you cant full destroy something to nothing as of right now so its either pods, space suits, or death if you didn't from getting a bullet to the head through the haul or missile blows up the area you are in or something else.
  2. TheGreatWars

    JUST DO IT! (That didn't take long)

    Would be cool but it would cause a delay
  3. Yea if i saw this sooner i wouldnt have made my own reply I totally agree with all you points
  4. I would Do something maybe it will en vole some tricky. My thoughts i was hyped for all of it but I feel like it was short handed. v2 cool but 2.6 info was like not there, 3.0 was there but like no info on when of coarse, 3.0+ ok cool. It was just a lot of " oh next year maybe" and its like come on, i fully support it but it coming to a point where im i going to be able play this soon. TM
  5. TheGreatWars

    Star Citizen spectrum

    well i dont have a problem with it useless it watching me
  6. TheGreatWars

    Star Citizen spectrum

    I love I really hope we move to that. My thoughts are it has a lot of promise but ill wait to see what it will be like, But it seems like discord in a way so it has to be good right?
  7. TheGreatWars

    RSI Signature GIF Help

    @rain2reign It worked so do you know what was wrong?
  8. TheGreatWars

    RSI Signature GIF Help

    @Switch It didnt work it just shows click here to view on imgur.
  9. TheGreatWars

    RSI Signature GIF Help

    @rain2reign The RSI fourms
  10. TheGreatWars

    RSI Signature GIF Help

    Im trying to get my RSI forums signature to be this: Cant seem to get the code right. Anyone know anything that could help that would be great.
  11. TheGreatWars

    Ship and component damage coming to 3.0

    Well damn what would a Bengal look like blowing up
  12. TheGreatWars

    Adding LTI to a ship that's not currently on sale

    Yes the BMM has to be on sale if you want to upgrade Agro LTI to LTI BMM So for right now you a stuck with x months BMM, but save cause they might do a huge last
  13. TheGreatWars

    Weekly news l video

    My cringe count so far: 14 ill be doing more like this but just covering the main parts in more detail but wanted to still post it cause I put work into it.