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  1. Hey guys I have 2 of these cards and im looking to offload them, going to switch over to a 2080ti. Im looking for $500 + shipping per card (I think I can flat rate fedex for $15?). US only They've been overclocked since day 1 and are a bit dusty, but otherwise they are running smooth as butter. If anyone wants to buy both ill toss in the HB bridge for free. https://imgur.com/a/XofTxiM
  2. $1250, $1350 or $1500 , depends on when it was bought Oh, sorry you werent asking how much they were to purchase originally. You cannot sell idris-p s, they are account bound
  3. Im liquefying. 2x Javelins, 2x idris-p and $1500+ worth of credit. DISCLAIMER: The hammer head, the p72's, and the m50 ARE NOT ON THE ACCOUNT. I sold them and am to lazy to retake the screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/p8Lolmw#CIu7SbU I've posted this to all the high rollers. First come first serve, I want fucking out.
  4. I think they plan on making up for all that by making the turrets huge killing machines. I mean those are S5 x2 turrets aren't they? I Would not want to be tracked by even one of those. *edit* Correction x4 by the looks of the blockout video!
  5. The phrase you are referring to is , "This second set of corvettes is not the fully-equipped military assault model available during the earlier event, but a stripped down peacekeeper version aimed at having less of an impact on the initial game balance." This does not mean the ship has no guns and component, merely that it does not have the penis cannon, missile launcher, and additional power plant. From my understanding. Anything but the stock Idris is ultimately a tough nut to crack for attackers, though: extremely customizable and dotted with turrets, they also ship with numerous empty missile hardpoints and room for an expansive fixed-forward armament. Make sure you can afford to properly outfit an Idris once you’ve purchased it … if you can, you will wind up with one of the best-equipped ships available on the open market. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13097-Idris-Corvette-Revealed
  6. http://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/358skg/mirror_while_imgur_reviews_the_fake_dmca_takedown/ Please consider changing your password to be on the safe side till a confirmation of what was breached is released. Better safe than sorry, it takes 10 seconds. UPDATE! : "Put down your pitchfork guys CIG ( @WLeverett_CIG especially) handled this extremely professionally and were in constant contact to solve this issue. The only real breach was handle usernames of those who just recently backed Star Citizens (none of your private information thankfully). Exploit has also been addressed and patched." -Confirmation from Citizen404 who discovered the breach
  7. http://a.pomf.se/jgzwos.webm Click it.. you wont be disappointed. Also... someone needs to make a gif of this really bad.
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