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  1. Yes that is true and again I had no problem with creating an account. I do agree with CloudyDaze however wrt purchasing other gift cards online in shops and so on where account creation is not mandatory. Anyway, the thread was more directed at the 30 day gifting rule for new accounts about which I had searched but no limitations had popped up. This therefore has a knock-on effect in completing transactions whether for SC or non related products if SC currency is chosen.
  2. I didn't mind the need to create an account but the 30 day inability to transfer after creating said account was not highlighted in any searches I did on star citizen gift card +/- rules +/- restrictions. The issue won't arise at all if you have transactions between players it's just for those of us being asked to pay for a non-SC product like another game with SC credits rather than via another method like PayPal. At the end of the day, the transaction was completed satisfactorily on both sides.
  3. Apologies for the confusion, the transaction I speak of was for a non-SC product. The SC Gift Cards were the requested payment rather than PayPal I have posted this in the 'Other Items' part of the Marketplace? As a non-SC backer I therefore had to create an account - which was fine & understandable. But there was no information on restrictions applying to these cards on the shop page, in the descriptions, in the support section of the website- a google search now doesn't highlight any issues. When I need to buy another car I'll be in touch.
  4. Many thanks Ragnarok for a pleasant transfer, Endorsed, R
  5. Just thought I'd write a thread on an important issue that arrived in a recent transaction I did that whilst successful was not optimal for either party. Having agreed a fee for a item - payment options were PayPal or SC Gift Cards. Since there is a fee for PayPal, SC gift cards bought on the RSI website were settled on. There was very little info on the page and it became apparent an SC account was needed first. On registering and buying said cards which worked fine I was unable to 'gift' them to the seller. An error message popped up saying that due to some unscrupulous dealings there wa
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