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  1. Probably a cruiser. Would make the most sense in terms whats missing in the game. Or the battlecruiser...
  2. Dat orange glow doe

    1. Pagan_X2


      It's soooo orange.

  3. The International was most energy driven arena event I have ever been to. People say E-Sports is a joke. I can say that the enthusiasm of the fans proves otherwise!

  4. RNC was cray

    1. GeraldEvans


      You think that's nuts?  Wait for the second wave of DNC email leaks on the heels of this whopper of a tone deaf appointment on the opening day of the DNC.

  5. Correct. The lightning is suppose to be the super modern space fighter (fills hornet role) but is only available to the military.
  6. Terapin ready for sale? What is this :O?

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    2. Sir_Belial
    3. FoxChard


      Holy balls.

      What's the one in concept?  I can't make it out...

    4. Sir_Belial



  7. I know you are there.

    1. Pagan_X2


      He knows that you know.

    2. Doopsums


      I know that you know that pagan knows that he knows he is there.

    3. Switch


      I know that Doops knows that Pagan knows that Morkulth knows that he's there.

  8. MFW someone made just what i wanted as a profile picture


  9. Where are my grand strategy Paradox Imperium members at? Mare Nostrum tomorrow and Stellaris in a month!

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    2. Pagan_X2



    3. Morkulth


      hush @Pagan_X2 @charlie638 is telling me what i want to hear. #MakeSpaceGreatAgain

    4. Pagan_X2


      Go to bread.

  10. WOW what an info dump. Minning and procedural landing is months away?! Usually such large teams suffer from communication issues in development and can slow it down but damn, they are moving fast. Wouldn't be surprised to see a PU with like 6 star systems by citizen con and available before Christmas!
  11. 2.3 is LIVE! I can finally live inside muh space buffalo <3.

  12. Morkulth

    Formula 1 2016

    Probably one of the better races i have seen in recent years. Lots of interesting new changes and good competition all around. Hoping the rest of the season goes well and I can find time to make it to the Mexico GP or COTA :).
  13. I might as well! But it is like a 45 min drive with no traffic....
  14. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays Cyberian!

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