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  1. I'm sad about losing my Connie, even though it was just an Andromeda. That thing is so versatile and sexy. But the Hammerhead is the gunboat I've always dreamed of, so off it went! And I was always incredibly disappointed with the Vanguard, so I finally found a use for it haha
  2. Ended up essentially turning my Harbinger + BUK's and Connie into a Hammerhead. Hello epic gunboat!
  3. Man, CIG giving a HUGE discount for the Polaris pre-sale. Wish I had 625 laying around :'(
  4. Question: If you buy a Cat right now at $245 and hold onto it until the (likely) price increase, if you melt it after the increase, do you get the original $245 back or the new amount? Also, thinking about switching from my Andromeda to the Cat. It's just so enticing...
  5. Revenant was so useless. I tried so hard to like it, used it a lot, tried to figure out how best to utilize it. But in the end, it just sucked. The M6A has not let me down so far so I'm sticking with it
  6. Vanguard with an M6A on the nose. I lock the gimbal and the pips for that and the 4 nose guns line up pretty well. Getting all five guns on target means Vanduul go down in about 2 shots I also swapped out the missiles to Tempest II's, which are absolutely awesome
  7. I agree that the controls are a bit wonky, but they make a lot of sense once you get used to them. In my opinion, anyway. They've moved most of them to around the WSAD keys so you don't have to reach to the other side of the keyboard. Plus, a couple of the keys (roll and strafe when flying) match up to the FPS equivalent (lean/roll and walk sideways). It's definitely taken me some time to get used to, but I think in the end it'll be better. Still can't find the strafe up or down, don't know where they went...
  8. Do turrets actually work? I got in my Connie turret but it didn't fire... I will admit, I sat down in my pilot chair in the hangar and had no idea how to get out... I kept hitting buttons until Ctrl F finally got me out. So embarrassing hahaha
  9. I love cruise mode though. So faaaaast Edit: Does anyone know if we can multicrew yet?
  10. Same, had to dink around while it was downloading haha. Me too! Took forever for me to figure out how to get out of Precision flight mode so I could go faster than 50 m/s though... But finally got it and those pirates didn't stand a chance
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