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  1. Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

  2. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I've got the A2 & C2 atm (both extreme ends of the scale). Can always use the A2 for combat zone cargo/1 tank drops if needed (it still has almost 6x the cargo space of a Hammerhead), and I want the C2 for normal cargo anyway, so it will stay in safer areas where the larger hold will bring in more profit.
  3. Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

    Right, sorry this took so long, CIG just got back to me after 5 days. I'm interested in buying this still if it's available.
  4. Complete WTS Eclipse $300 Serial: A01094EC

    I'm waiting to hear back from concierge about something before I can commit; I'll update you hopefully in the next 1-2 days if no one else has bought it before then. ;p
  5. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I got the warbond A2 gunship/bomber with the "free" tank; good thing I didn't buyback an Eclipse earlier today. ;p When the sale goes live next week and we can use CCUs I'll probably grab one of the others. Might replace the Genesis (mainly wanted it for cargo anyway).
  6. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Will definitely be getting the gunship/bomber variant; maybe 1 of the more cargo oriented ones as well (I love cargo).
  7. F8 Lightning

    I'll make do with the normal skinned one if I hit Wing Commander. ;p Wish I knew what this years concept sales were...
  8. F8 Lightning

    Well, anyone who actually beats it and forks out the UEC. Hopefully it's not cheap.
  9. F8 Lightning

    It's the F8C (civilian), not the F8A btw. It's in the latest RtV as mentioned above (15mins in). https://www.twitch.tv/videos/222623015## We won't get the gift F8C's until SQ42 is out (Wing Commander etc) There are other ships you can get by playing SQ42 as well. Getting to the point where you can fly that ship unlocks the badge to then buy them in the PU, after you've beaten SQ42. He mentioned maybe being able to get a badge for an F7A as well to buy one in the PU. Still might be possible ingame to upgrade a civilian model to a military spec one, just won't be able to go in and buy one. This is me just listening to what he's saying and listing it btw.
  10. F8 Lightning

    It won't be sold for money, no. But you can earn a token by playing SQ42 to then use to buy one in the PU for UEC.
  11. F8 Lightning

    You'll have to buy it in game with UEC so it'll have normal insurance like everything else I assume, but I only got told about it, I didn't watch that part myself. Only way to get an LTI one that I know of is to be at the Wing Commander pledge tier to get one as a gift (or the max tier Legatus tier).
  12. F8 Lightning

    CR confirmed on Twitch today that you'll earn a token by playing SQ42 that lets you buy an F8C Lightning in the PU.
  13. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Liking the Nova quite a bit after seeing more in the stream; that urban winter camo is one of my favourites....why u do this SC.
  14. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    I like its turret design, just wish the upper glacis was a bit less generic looking. Nice angle though.
  15. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Finally got a Redeemer yesterday to put in mine.