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  1. It was originally 250. It’s gotten quite the price hike edit: Warbond sale has it at 450 still.
  2. I need to research into a price but I have one available if you are still looking.
  3. Auto load is a kickstarter function. if you go to your sccount then click on "Turn off autoplay on project videos" on the right side
  4. PMed with Hull B offer Edit: also trader feedback <--
  5. Just to be absolutely sure.you have another package besides this right? Otherwise you're transferring away your game copy!
  6. New an improved Scythe with 275 SCM!!
  7. Sabre and Xi’an Scout are available for sale for the next several days, possibly week. http://imperialnews.network/2016/03/around-the-verse-episode-2-21/
  8. Pretty sure that was a fly by wire demo. Can't wait to see what it can really do!
  9. That's odd. the article you linked says it will only be in the store for the next week.
  10. Anyone else notice that someone was working on the scout on the opposite side of the room of this weeks Ship shape on the Constellation?
  11. Speculation: they've been working on getting it ready. last week was 1/4 this week it's 2/4 so possibly 2 more weeks? anniversary sale coming up. Lead up to hangar ready reveal during anni sale?
  12. Addendum to above. it seems they sped up the "war" gun so everything is on 1 pip anyway, and with the War gun being quite strong, the scythe is pretty evil now! the problem is every 2 seconds i get a "overheating" message. might have cooling issues.
  13. So it seems our "hangar trophy" might have a bit more bite than at first glance. on the PTU i can pull a "Wrath" gun off a Glaive and replace the "War" gun which should align all the pips! Unfortunately whenever i try to take it out it glitches me into a P52, but assuming this carries over to live it should be much much more evil, especially with how much more powerful the glaive has gotten. I believe it was also said that the Glaive is supposed to be a little heavier than the scythe so it will maintain it's maneuverability if they ever give the glaive the proper weight. That being said...
  14. Updated my stock. 13 feedback and still 100%!
  15. Medium shield is crazy. It's more than I could have asked for. I am so incredibly excited for this ship! it's an M50 with the option for someone to focus fire big annoying S3 guns! I know it doesn't really look like it, but this is starting to feel like the last starfighter
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