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  1. I sell my polaris $125 discount coupon for $65. PM if you're interested.
  2. OP updated! CC:RTE v9 released! For SC v2.5.0
  3. OP updated! CC:RTE v8 released! Notice that there is a bug with the keymap system, it does not automatically apply settings to the following commands so you have to edit those settings every time you launch the game...: Freelook: middle mouse Landing target lock on: down arrow Lock missile: down arrow Weapon group 3: up arrow Launch missile: down arrow
  4. OP updated! CC:RTE v7.1 released! I played a few hours today around the comm-arrays and refined CC:RTE so now it's significantly faster and more practical for PU gameplay! Try it out and let me know what you think
  5. OP updated! - CC:RTE v7 released! supported by 2.1 Sorry for taking so long to post this. The PU isn't very enjoyable at 20fps
  6. Ohh very nice work! I guess there will be a few changes coming with 2.0 but we'll see.. Thanks a lot
  7. OP Updated: -CCv9 released! -Dead links are fixed Thanks for the feedback! After a break from SC for about a month I forgot some of the controls, so I had to open the controls menu to memorize them again
  8. It'll cost around 890J's price
  9. OP updated! - CC:RTE v6 released! support for 1.1.1 added. -Tyon Profile v3 released.
  10. We're almost Q2 QQ
  11. Thanks for your feedback! If you have any suggestions please let me know
  12. OP updated: - New installation path: ...\StarCitizen\CitizenClient\user\Controls\Mappings
  13. OP updated: Tyon Profile v2 released! - Fixed an issue that prevented missiles from being launched.