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  1. video_2024-01-06_15-40-08.mp4 Assorted space themes and rsi ships.. and a few odd prints. video_2024-01-06_15-40-08.mp4 video_2024-01-10_17-41-01.mp4 video_2024-01-13_10-03-30.mp4
  2. Hueforge prints shown to LA EVENT IMPERIUM BOOTH, video_2023-10-30_08-21-32.mp4 video_2023-10-30_22-34-24.mp4 video_2023-12-18_20-28-04.mp4 video_2024-01-09_22-05-08.mp4
  3. duel IDRIS BUILD, open front hanger. video_2024-01-17_10-16-40.mp4 jan 20th 2024 video_2024-01-15_09-38-23.mp4
  4. video_2023-07-28_17-47-48.mp4 video_2023-07-27_13-04-20.mp4 video_2023-07-27_12-42-32.mp4 video_2023-06-27_14-39-03.mp4 video_2023-06-26_18-19-11.mp4 video_2023-06-25_10-32-58.mp4 work in progress- Javlin engineering issue stability
  5. Orion Build- time lapse video_2023-06-17_16-11-48.mp4 video_2023-06-18_11-52-57.mp4 video_2023-06-19_07-51-44.mp4 video_2023-06-20_19-36-17.mp4 video_2023-06-21_17-21-43.mp4
  6. First build out of the box was a Kraken 1:500 scale with the files pre made. 5 seperate Timelapse videos. video_2023-06-04_09-08-57.mp4 by broson imperium member . and used to good effect . video_2023-06-04_14-59-39.mp4 video_2023-06-05_11-49-42.mp4 video_2023-06-06_10-37-15.mp4 video_2023-06-06_17-54-18.mp4
  7. Can some one get the javlin side turrets stl fixed. And drop the here. on the models there gone..
  8. .40 nozel default speed all bambu labs x1 carbon combo default speeds Just made it slow down.and do extra checks.
  9. First complex print job off a BAMBU X! CARBON COMBO. 1;500 ratio Kraken more to come.
  10. started to do 3d printing for relax
  11. did 2 scrapes firft - then started first build - of KRAKEN , Just completed first build of a Kraken 1:500 scale, Ok looking to add the imperium designs/ unit stuff - division to ship hulls and such like engrave and embos of exsiting STL files. wantint to get the imperium logo engraved into main landing decks. 1. my slicer will do text , embossing but trying to see if engraves ok with that looking to add the imperium logo to ships. like this to top deck ingraved .04 into deck. i know i need to add 4 layers to top to all more layers to engrave into. or into sides add more layer on sides ? What program will do this. if any one under stands the question- and ant tortorials on this.
  12. ahhh pirates in every corner- those puppys are expensive. and discontinued-=as too code.
  13. Leaivathon : you said quote : you dont want to buy one straight out. but in you 3rd part : you say you have a account that has a kraken on the account. are you actually looking for a second kraken- on the cheep.. use gray market-
  14. Painmiester

    RSI Galaxy

    As soon as I I saw it, the refinery module I was sold... 3 galaxy base 350= 1150.00 3 refinary modules 80.00 x 3= 240.00 1 cargo 70.00 1 med center 90.00 1550.00 200 .00. 1 yr subscripton Red Armor suits120.00 1870.00 ish. Done till next year.
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