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    69th Capital & Mining Squadron // WE MINE - WE FIGHT - Nos Aeris Metalla - Nos Vero Pugnabimus : The 69th Capital & Mining Squadron derived its name from a of old earth combat engineer unit the 1169th. The motto was from that same era in history as a Seabee motto ( We Build We Fight ) which was adapted by the miners to ( WE MINE-WE FIGHT ) ( Nos Aeris Metalla - Nos Vero Pugnabimus ) In the early days of Industrial space mining of the belts in old sol sector, small companies banded together from necessity and survival from competing corporations to include Pirates stealing ships and prize ore. Thus the 69th was born as a mining and combat unit. The early command staff recognized the fact the no help would be coming in time to save ships and personal. The need for onsite capital ships to protect the fleet and assets and a force multiplier the first capital was procured and the unit prospered. The rest is history,,

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