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    yes some ships in hanger......

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  1. ahhh pirates in every corner- those puppys are expensive. and discontinued-=as too code.
  2. Leaivathon : you said quote : you dont want to buy one straight out. but in you 3rd part : you say you have a account that has a kraken on the account. are you actually looking for a second kraken- on the cheep.. use gray market-
  3. Painmiester

    RSI Galaxy

    As soon as I I saw it, the refinery module I was sold... 3 galaxy base 350= 1150.00 3 refinary modules 80.00 x 3= 240.00 1 cargo 70.00 1 med center 90.00 1550.00 200 .00. 1 yr subscripton Red Armor suits120.00 1870.00 ish. Done till next year.
  4. happy B day all


  5. happy birthday  


  6. image.thumb.png.e7e02dde9839f75702855c8529420009.png69th Capital mining squadron


  7. need to add scorpis and the mule (cargo -fork lift) to ship list
  8. happy b day



    1. Switch


      You have 35 more days XD

    2. Painmiester
  9. Sitting in the gulf of mexico .in mexico

    It pays the bills.

    Can't believe another year has passed 

    Almost time to buy new ship  again.

  10. Painmiester

    Drake MULE

    ok that peeked me interest if their cheep enough on sat, 15usd hopeing
  11. The Krakens ability to adjust to most missions -from Fleet strike cap killer support - or asteroid support mission will depend on the mission and the total load out of said ship for said mission. The logistical issue on what ammo to carry will depend on many factors- too what ship type it will be able to resupply- from missiles to bullets - and the number sorties the wing can handle.(I.E reloads for surviving ships) and the cost of items will be Very high. The MIn /max cookie cutter approach will depend on the risk. The load out of ships can go in 20 different directions - but if kraken doesn't have what ya use - that's a conundrum. proper planning with Fleet will stave the bad logistical nightmare that can happen - also goes hand and hand proper tool for the job If a krakens on the field - look for a Idris / and Polaris or a few Perseus gun boats. My ship complement for the Kraken. 4 Gladiators bombers. 4 sabers comets. 2 ARES ion's - 2 ARES inferno's 3 Eclipse 2. The reason for gladiator's - Cap killers. and large ships killers// and Sabre's - space superiority fighters. For sustained fighting-med/hvy fighters a diff fleet logistics approach will be needed/ added cargo runs needed. yadda yadda. also depends on the kraken captain- as to if they can afford beans or steak - There is no right way or wrong way yet... pilots and crew is the crux .
  12. That will be the Game mechanic to get used to Exploring-scanning- probing- and if it comes put scanning the wormhole you've found- charting it.
  13. Those ships would be feed into the system for the nov- spethel maybe they will be completely flyable. Rather have a refinery ship if it comes out- then a sm open air hauler.
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