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  1. Bakudan_Kame lirar du fortfarande?

  2. Bakudan_Kame

    MISC Endeavor

    This.... This! This is what I have been waiting for! Finally a Hospital ship! *opens wallet*
  3. I did have a few things to mention, but after reading the replies to this, It's pretty much been brought to light. I'll be looking forwards to the next chapter with great expectations ^^,
  4. Erik "Bakudan" Kame - Medical officer If this thing is still going and you need people that is ^^,
  5. Hey! Welcome to the site and fleet!
  6. Tis is the current status message from the RSI site: Go HERE to get to the topic. =D
  7. I won this game in a contest, and it included 4 extra games for me to gift off via Steam. Now I'm keeping two for friends, but for the last two, I have yet to decide. I may shoot them off in a contest if the game becomes popular enough I've had a few rounds in this game. and I founds to my surprise I actually liked it
  8. Bonjour MightyKat! Welcoem to Imperium! Have a look around, and find a Human Resources guy. He'll give you some pointers to where/how to start your citizenship See you in the verse!
  9. As a Viking, this have my approval! <Reserves 1x> ^^,
  10. Welcome to SCB and Imperium! ^^, Find us some nice jump points now
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