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  1. WTS Reclaimer and Avenger cheap

    Nah no biggie. If he cannot manage his own sales thread then no need to hunt him down... At least for me.
  2. WTS Reclaimer and Avenger cheap

    Any updates at all here at all? I might be interested in the avenger as well...
  3. Melting your Phoenix for the Reclaimer. Anyone?

    What I plan on doing is melting my Aquila package ($325) and my CCU for M50 to 350r ($25.00) then purchasing the Reclaimer. The Aquila is a permanent addition to the store so I can buy Auroras here and there till I have enough to melt to re-aquire the Aquila package. It is not LTI also so I am not worried about melting it. Also I have the M50 and not sure I want the 350r since handling is atrocious though I know that is something that will probably be fixed later on, but still I have one racing ship till the PU starts. Also if later down the road I like the Carrack I can just melt the Reclaimer to grab it or help fund it depending on the price of it. That said I am not melting anything till the specs and other concept stuff comes out about it today with the sale. Though I will have to keep in mind accurate specs are not so accurate lol.
  4. Complete Xi'an Khartu-AL

    I will take the Hornet.
  5. Complete Aurora LN package /w Alpha

    Wow... Mjonir if this package is still available I will take it. I am late getting into SC, and if I can avoid having to pick up the modules everytime thye add something it would be nice. If you need any references/trade rep/PP verified stuff let me know. Talason.
  6. Do you think reddit prices are fair?

    Agreed that is a good idea
  7. Do you think reddit prices are fair?

    I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I got the Constellation physical package with Alpha for $250.00 so actually $25.00 less that normal price. I thought at first when I started looking that I would want the LTI, but yeah some of the prices are ridiculous for just having that on them.