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  1. We should also note that websites are not just a source of information. For some it is a second home, a place to meet up with friends and a place to exchange ideas. For some it is a community though some might differ on what defines a community. Make no mistake about it, the RSI website is instrumental in Star Citizen's success on all fronts. I'm just saying the Japanese need the same tools if you want RSI to penetrate (hmmmm.....penetrate) the Japanese market. And lets not forget, Star Citizen isn't merely an FPS! It's a Space Sim, it's a journey through the universe, it's a place to hook up
  2. Of course - it's X-box! That is like saying 'That product that causes blindness isn't selling in Japan for some reason so your product, which is entirely different, is also in danger of not selling well'. But lets take a step back and look at the X-box argument: x-box sold over 23,562 consoles in Japan; so if you took the minimum pledge fee of $40 plus module fee $5, it comes out to 1,060,290. Not bad based on numbers for a fail product don't you think! Or are we all getting a little too greedy? Oh and don't forget that is the absolute minimum buy in. X-boxes are a tad more expensive.
  3. Good points - all! And ones I totally agree with until the last one. 'Star Citizen has always relied on the word of mouth for promotion. So it is up to you, to spread the word'. The word cannot be spread if the word is in English. That is my point. And sure, I agree that others will want the same thing and if it were up to me I would be immediately working on making it available in not only in Japanese but other languages as well. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure Star Citizen can afford it now.
  4. Hmmm......sorry but when I see people pulling numbers out of their ass like 55 out of 127 million than I figure that person has no idea what he or she is talking about. I also believe that to get from here to there one needs to have a starting point like a website in the Japanese language. But instead Osclin demonstrated his in depth knowledge of the Japanese culture by sarcastically posting, what was that?, oh yes, my 'tangent about translating the website'. Look, if you want to ignore a country with 127 million people, many of whom are avid gamers, then be my guest. And if you want to defend
  5. Don't quit. That's not the samurai spirit!
  6. I'm confused by your statement 'one who likes to plan and then act impulsively'. Did you mean one who likes to plan then act accordingly? Well, all I can say is I'm glad Chris Roberts didn't take your advise when he started off or we would have to add another 4 years before release, or worse yet have another publicist pocketing a good deal of the profits. And I am amazed, as a teacher, that you don't understand the value of communication. Instead you want to throw SC into a quagmire of statistics, focus groups, studies before getting anything done. This is simply hogwash. You are over complica
  7. Hmm...you do realize that Japan is a densely populated country? So the willingness to incur that 'kind of expense' to attend isn't the same here. Moreover, as I have stated, there are other events that SC could attend - soloing it isn't necessary. As for my tangent about translating the web site, if you want to promote in Asia I am afraid translating is what you are going to have to do. Groundwork? Various steps? Presentations? You sound like a Publicist. I'm just wondering, how much ground work did Chris Roberts do when starting Star Citizen other than building the game? Nothing. He allow
  8. Hmmm....doesn't seem to be those streaming problems from Japan. If you really want to participate in the Japanese market, you can't do it like you would in North America. Not talking major investments but a simple translation of their website would be a good start. Trust me, if CIG made at least a modest effort to promote SC in Japan, Australia would look pretty tame in terms of support. As for niche market, FPS games are gaining in popularity so why ignore it? And with a population of 127 million niche players or even 50 million niche players, I am pretty sure it would be worth promoting in J
  9. Sorry but I just have to say what on earth is CIG doing? Now don't get me wrong, CIG is doing outstanding work but who goes to Australia, the 13th largest economy with 3rd world internet and a population of 23 million yet completely ignores Japan - the 3rd largest economy with superb internet and a population of 127 million!!?? Sure I can understand CIG focusing on English speaking countries and countries that also speak English as a second language and Japan doesn't really fit the bill - but a little Japanese can go a long way! This will only require the most modest efforts, like hiring a sin
  10. I would have to disagree on the 'you see the bottom of your helmet' statement. The only helmet that would move with the head is a combat helmet - a helmet for space is secured to the suit and doesn't allow this degree of freedom. I think it looks great and definitely adds to immersion.
  11. To be honest, I wasn't even going to buy one but when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Think it will look pretty nice in my asteroid hangar.
  12. Enough CIG, you are breaking our wallets with yet another brilliant design!!! Now that is what I call a 'spaceship'! So tired of seeing space ships looking like planes and this one definitely feels like it should be in space! I know, I know - spaceships look like planes because eventually they will have to do atmospheric flight. That being said, I still think there should be some modest element of anti-gravity drives so they can land on planets regardless of shape. Sure a bit Star War-ish but who doesn't like Star Wars? Anyway, my cyber hat goes off to CIG for the Drake Herald. Sure I wou
  13. Koalas have signed up for Star Citizen in record numbers! And clearly by their smile they couldn't be more pleased.
  14. Can Koalas open fridges like Raccoons? And if so will they drink your beer?
  15. They should have asked CIG to design it.
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