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  1. That first video is pretty nicely done. Very artistic for sure. That sketchbook looks neat. Tokyo is pretty cool, I've been there myself last year for a couple of weeks. I'd love to go back there some time. I was with friends during the winter and never made time to do some sketching, which in hindsight I'm kind of regretting. Maybe something to do if i ever go back there.
  2. Great video! I have to say that while it makes things easier, I'm not a fan of each elevator going anywhere, it makes it feel like a magic Willy Wonka elevator that somehow takes you to the opposite side of the station. It's kind of jarring. I also noticed the tram system at ArcCorp now only has a single line going from Riker Memorial Spaceport to area 18, the other tram pad at area 18 has been closed off. I hope this will at some point reopen and connect us to another district or area. Agreed. I also found that landing at levski is difficult right now, as VTOL mode only kicks in when you're a few meters off the hangar's pad. Trying to lift off certain ships in hangars, especially bigger ones, makes them freak out, suddenly shooting sideways or flipping over while the only button I pushed was straight up. Hover mode definitely needs work.
  3. Yeah, it's the same for me. The mercury looks pretty good but I'd also like to see more gameplay mechanics
  4. The new spacestations look amazing! right now, on the inside they're still small and the same as they were before. This is going to change in 3.7, so I hope we actually get to go into the rings or that the stations are at least a lot bigger on the inside:D
  5. Right now? not much. Eventually, when the game allows.. I'll be doing salvage, exploration and the occasional cargo haul.
  6. I'm sure there will be a market for this, there will be plenty of people in the verse who will require transport of goods and/or vehicles or ships. That said, I think most people will hire services within their own org. We have too little actual game and no functioning Hercules to say anythig about this, really.
  7. I never played Evil Genius but this new game seems fun. I was half expecting The Incredibles to appear out of nowhere:D
  8. it looks allright but I won’t be getting a PS4 anytime soon so.. meh. Was looking forward to it but I’m so tired of console exclusive games. They hype you up for years and then it’s like “coming soon to that platform you don’t own”.
  9. Great shot. Ive been to those debris fields with my reclaimer and man... it does spark the imagination. I can't wait till the Reclaimer is fully operational. 😮
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