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    Germany...American, does not speak German...yet ;)
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    I own a 315p waiting for the Carrack to come out. I'm a dedicated explorer and will spend most of my time in SC charting the enormous verse, discovering new systems,planets,jumps,resources, etc. :)

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  1. RSI - Aquila (Constellation)

    I plan on doing long distance exxploration and i have a 300i now but i mainly bought that to get the game...and its an explorer variant
  2. RSI - Aquila (Constellation)

    Should I get this ship? the 275 ship not the package...
  3. Freelancer DUR?

    Hahaha great posts XD
  4. Deep Space Exploration?

    I want to have the carrack and 315 so when I find a new jumppoint one of my crew mates can take the ship and go through it the we could follow
  5. Deep Space Exploration?

    I just want to be able to land my 315 into the carrack whenever it comes out :/
  6. Deep Space Exploration?

    I'm just really looking forward to the Carrack I just bought my pledge I got the 315p because I read the carrack had a repair bay amdbim hoping I could fit my 315 in it if that's what the repair bay is for also the 315p is a dedicated explorer
  7. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Dang it lol
  8. Deep Space Exploration?

    @Nocturnality I do
  9. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    I know this is a super old topic but i didnt want to open another topic when there is already one open...any way does anybody know if there is any concept art on the Carrack or any other info
  10. Deep Space Exploration?

    @Nocturnality I am too @Jake indeed my friend indeed
  11. Deep Space Exploration?

    That's a good idea I may just go with the DUR now and wait till Connie variants come out or the carrack
  12. Deep Space Exploration?

    See that's kind of why I'm leaning towards the Connie because of the defenses ..I don't want to go jump into an unknown system and find a bunch of vanduuls waiting for me and plus just imagining flying hlthe Connie with a full crew of friends just sounds awesome
  13. Deep Space Exploration?

    Greetings all, I am torn between getting the Freelancer DUR and the Connie... I just love the idea of goin out with a crew looking for anything and everything. Buuuuuut I'm afraid I won t be able to find a stable crew I just don't want to keep switching out crewmates...you know what I mean?. Butwhich ship do you think would be best for deep space exploration the Freelancer DUR or the Constellation.
  14. Hello! Cant wait to be lost in space!

    Thank you
  15. Freelancer DUR?

    I agree with you completely, hopefully it lives up to RSI.com's description. But if not there will always be in game upgrades